Ideas for Your Next Business Event


When you want to throw a business event but are struggling to come up with ideas for that event, this can be something very difficult to deal with. Luckily, this article gives you several ideas for the types of business events you can throw, which are going to be something that your colleagues and clients are going to be talking about in years to come, design for event structures.

Cocktail Evening

A cocktail evening is something that isn’t traditionally associated with business events. However, as it is something quite different, this should mean that it will leave those in attendance talking about it for years afterwards. Yes, there will still be an element of the evening where business will be discussed. However, this cocktail evening could take the form of either having cocktails available upon arrival and throughout the evening, or you could even hold a cocktail-making masterclass. This could either take the form of people learning to make cocktails individually or in groups as a team-building exercise. It could even be turned into some form of competition between people to create their own cocktail and then a team of judges could decide on which is the best one. 

An Auction Evening

Perhaps a slightly more usual form of a business event but still one that may not be all that common is to hold an auction evening. Before the event, you could reach out to various businesses or individual people and see if they have anything they would like to donate, such as a dinner for two or a night away somewhere. This could either be to raise money for charity or to raise money for your business. Invite your colleagues, investors, and any potential investors or people who are interested in getting involved in your business. Not only will this help raise money for whatever you are raising money for, but it will also help to raise the profile of your business. 

A Simple Sit-Down Dinner

You cannot get any more traditional when it comes to business events than hosting a formal sit-down dinner. You can make this a black-tie event and get all your guests to dress up for it and have various tables set out for your guests to sit at. Have a set menu for your guests and this can even have a theme to it; either to do with your business or as an overall theme for your event. This may be more of an event to celebrate those who work for you and to celebrate the year you’ve had as a company or possibly even the growth the company has had from when it was founded to now. You could even use this as an opportunity to hold an awards ceremony to celebrate everyone who works at the company in one way or another. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever type of event you decide to throw for your business, make sure it is completely planned and suits the type of company you have. Not only will this be important for your image, but it also makes investors more likely to invest in your business as it shows them how well-run your business is and that you care about your employees and clients.