Influcase 2022 Reviews Is This site Authentic?


This article provides trustworthy Influcase reviews on the online store which sells mobile accessories.

Are you looking to get details about the internet website called Influcase? Today , we’ll tell you about this brand-new online store which sells accessories for mobile phones, such as cellphone cases air pods, wireless chargers and much other things.

Furthermore, the website offers discounts of up to 30% on all of its products to draw shoppers. Furthermore, the site is currently offering delivery popular areas like those in the United States. Let’s dive into these Influcase reviews for more details.

More details regarding Influcase

Influcase is an international website that sells mobile phone accessories like phone cases portable chargers, power banks walls chargers cables, and so on. Additionally, the website has an annual sale of its entire selection of products which offers shoppers discounts of up to 40 percent and get free shipping on the entire collection. Furthermore, a variety of color options are offered on the site for each item published.

In retrospect, there is only a small amount of information on the product available on the site and the user interface is poor-designed. Because of this, many users are questioning the site’s legitimacy and are also asking whether Influcase is legitimateor is a fraud.

A list of the specifications for Influcase

  • Domain creation date-25/03/2019
  • Website URL-
  • Products: Mobile cover charger, power banks, mobile cover
  • Customer care number- (+1) 209 876-5527
  • Email address-
  • International free shipping – no transportation fee shipping
  • Payment Policy – Visa, American Express, paypal Mastercard
  • Newsletters- Not mentioned
  • Social media connections – Published
  • Address for the company is The Influcase, 247 Santa Fe Ave, Richmond, CA 94801, United States
  • Return policy for material 30 days from the date of the purchase
  • Policy on refunds – not specified

The study found that it is better to verify its legitimacy prior to placing an order through any of the online sites. We advise customers to take a look at these Influcase Review until the end.

Benefits of shopping through Influcase

  • Customers are able to share their financial and personal details through the portal since it is HTTPS secured.
  • For each item, customers have shared their experiences to assist others in making the right choices.
  • The footer of the page is where different icons for social media are shown.
  • Customers will find a wide range of thrilling deals and offers through the site like free shipping, discounts on mid-sale items and more.
  • If they have any concerns the customer can directly contact the help desk via phone, email, etc.

The loss of sales from Influcase

  • There aren’t any reviews from customers posted on any of the trustworthy feedback sites.

Is Influcase Legit?

The website appears to be suspect based on the latest analyses and evaluations. Additionally, many fraudulent businesses appear in the e-commerce market that mimic legitimate websites to bolster their fraudulent motives. This is why interested buyers are advised to check the intentions of the website before entering the card details.

Check the below points to determine the authenticity of the website.

  • Domain creation date: According to reports, the domain was launched on the 25th of March, 2019.
  • Customer feedbackThere are many reviews that have been published via the website however, from the well-known Review pages, we might not locate any Influcase reviews.
  • Domain expiration date: The domain name’s validity on the internet expires on the 25th of March 2023.
  • Trust index score: The site’s trust index score is 76%, which is lower than the average.
  • Address validity: On the Contact Us page of the website the complete addresses of companies are available, however, we are unable to comment on their authenticity.
  • Impersonated content – There is very little information that is published on the website, which is why the quality of content on the website is not high.
  • Discounts and special offers- indeed the buyer can avail numerous benefits, including free shipping or mid-sale deals.
  • Social media icons: Under the footer page of the site several icons for social media are posted each of which has an exact link to the appropriate account on the social network.

Influcase Reviews by Customers Influencase Reviews

The feedback of the shopper provides accurate details about the intentions of the website If you’re trying to determine if the website is reliable, read through all review pages. Additionally, on the official site the positive feedback is posted on the site, however, from review pages such as Trustpilot We won’t find any useful information.

Additionally on the social media pages of the site we’ve uncovered a few shoppers’ comments in which they were they were enquiring about the items. Learn here what to do should you’ve lost your PayPal the payment made through PayPal?


In the final analysis of these Influcase reviews we came to the conclusion that this web-based website’s accessory for mobile phones cables, and charge selling website is suspect since it doesn’t have any significant evidence to support the legitimacy of the site. So, those who are interested must conduct a thorough investigation prior to taking any action. Learn more here. What steps must be followed to obtain the money back via credit card?

Have you checked out the collection of mobile accessories available on the site? Please share your thoughts below.