Outletbird June 2022 Reviews Is This Site Genuine Or Not?


The guide gives details as well as Outletbird reviews to assist shoppers make buying choices.

Are you in search of the most appropriate furniture for your living space, and your garden? Outletbird.com offers an internet-based retailer that sells a broad selection of patio, living room and garden furniture. It is also a source of outdoor LED lighting as well as fire pits. Outletbird Reviews Is This Site Legit Or Not?

They claim to carry modern and fashionable furniture that will instantly give your home a transformation at a reasonable cost. However, customers across the United States are seeking Outletbird reviews prior to making a purchase.

What is Outletbird?

Outletbird.com is an e-commerce site that sells a wide range of furniture for your patio and home which can enhance your home and living space. It also claims to offer the most comprehensive assortment of lighting appliances, fireplaces as well as sofas. In addition, everything is priced at an affordable cost with discounts.

The store was recently designed and features a minimalist style with an option to drop down menu as well as different sections to make it easy to browse. The store also states that customers can buy one item at each time. A lot of customers from America are confused. United States are puzzled after visiting the site and are looking for answers. is Outletbird authentic or an Scam.


  • Website – https://outletbird.com/
  • Products – Sofa Set, Lighting and Fixture, Fire Pit, and Clothing
  • Payment Modes – Shopify Payments Accepted Only
  • Email Support – support@outletbird.com
  • Phone Number – +1 818-254-8539
  • Address – 500, Paisano Street Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87123
  • Domain Age – 64 Days Created on April 4, 2022.
  • Email Newsletter – Subscription Available
  • Shipping and Delivery – There’s no shipping fee included in the price of the item, since shipping is completely free. Orders are processed and sent out within 3-7 business days. the delivery time for domestic orders is between 2-3 working days. The time for delivery varies between 2 and 15 days.
  • Return and Refunds As per Outletbird Review The store provides the opportunity to exchange or return products following the delivery. This policy is only applicable for domestic deliveries across America. There is no restocking charge and refunds are given after examining the item and takes a week to process the refund.
  • A Social Media Profile – This site includes social media logos however, none of them are active.

Pros of Outletbird

  • The store stocks the latest selection of sofa sets
  • Outdoor fire pits and outdoor cooking
  • Different designer lighting options
  • Return and refund options are available
  • Free shipping on all purchases

Cons of Outletbird

  • The identity of the owner is kept secret.
  • The domestic shipping service is only available in America

Is Outletbird Legit or Scam?

Shopping online can be a risky procedure, especially when you begin ordering items from the retailer without considering the legitimacy of the store. After analyzing Outletbird.com We have discovered several important facts which are listed below for those who want to know more.

  • The store’s domain is two months old as the domain was first registered the 4th of April 2022. In addition that, it was registered for a year since it expires on the April 4th, 2023.
  • The trust score achieved by the store is just 2 percent, and the trust score is 28.6 percent out of 100. With this low score of trust it’s extremely risky to shop in the store without further investigation.
  • There aren’t Outletbird reviews on the internet The website does not have reviews from customers.
  • The identity of the owner is kept secret and is not available on the site. The address is shared by another hotel business.
  • The logos of social media that appear on the site are not active and inactive.
  • Discounts that are not real on the items. The shop says it sells t-shirts as well as hoodies, but they also sell fixtures and furniture. It’s a false claim.
  • Pay with Shopify however, this isn’t a reliable method.

The data suggests that the site isn’t trustworthy in the present. The customers must conduct investigate and scrutinize the website prior to shopping.

What are the Customer Reviews?

There aren’t any reviews from customers sections on the website of the store. In addition, we did not find any Outletbird reviews online. In addition the store is brand new and has not yet gotten the attention of customers and hence, you won’t get any reviews, feedback or feedback from customers.

Without having read feedback and comments and feedback, it is impossible to verify the legitimacy of the store. Additionally, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest updates and suggestions on recognizing frauds on PayPal.


Outletbird.com is an internet-based shop that sells furnishings lighting, furniture as well as fire pits. The store is not at attracting the attention of international customers, which is why there aren’t any Outletbird reviews on the internet.

We recommend that consumers research thoroughly prior to shopping in the stores. Additionally, you can read the guide online on how to file a complaint about fraudulent credit card transactions to ensure security while online shopping.

Have you purchased any items from the shop? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.