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We analyzed an e-commerce site to determine its legitimacy. We reported our findings in this report. check out Is legitimate? for more information.

Are you looking for an online shop that sells dresses for women with a variety of discount deals? Today, online shoppers search for the most effective products at the lowest cost and are prepared to research a bit about it.

The internet-based retail industry allows customers to conduct an analysis of the product prior to making a purchase. Customers in America are United States are increasing their use of this method to safeguard themselves from online fraud.

Is Legal? is a method to determine the authenticity of Promlily online store that sells women’s clothes.

Verifying the legitimacy of

To verify for Authenticity of the Promlily Store It is essential to examine their trust rating, age of the domain and customer reviews. We have gathered all the information that is about this site and listed it below to ease the lives of shoppers who shop online.

  • The age of the website The Website is older than it was This Store is more than four years old (27th October, 2017)
  • The rank on the Alexa website – On Alexa the site is ranked at 219224; an excellent ranking that indicates traffic to the platform.
  • The Trust Index of the Store Trust index of the Store Review Trust score for the women’s clothing retailer is 93%, which is a decent score for a legitimate site.
  • Plagiarism content Text and images contents of this Store is original and of normal quality.
  • Social media platform – This site has a great social media presence, with current accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Each of its social media are connected to this website.
  • Domain expiry date: The domain expires on the 27th of October, 2022.
  • Address for the company: The physical address of the company is provided on the Contact Us page.
  • Owners’ detail – Owners’ information is not available in this store.
  • The trust index for Promlily store Trust index of Promlily store Does it belong to legit? the trust score for this store is 58.6 percent, which is a good score for legitimate stores.
  • Discounts – A variety of discount offers are offered at this store.
  • Review of Promlily by customers. customers reviews for Promlily are available through several of the online platforms.
  • Policy pages – A majority of the pages on policy on this site are accessible.

What is Promlily Com Portal?

Promlily is an internet-based shop offering women’s clothes with a variety of styles and designs on their site. The site has a few pages that focus on the dimensions, colors and measurements of clothing to enhance the shopping experience.

Is Legal has listed discounts of various types available on this site.

  • Quantity discount: 5percent off on orders over $150 20% off for orders greater than $270 and 35% off for orders over $330.
  • Different coupons are available for every discount.

Assistance with the product with the help of a color chart as well as a size charts is offered to help customers.


  • Nom of site
  • Address of the website –
  • Products soldwomen’s clothing
  • Mail address –
  • Newsletter –Available
  • Payment method:Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover
  • Shipping PolicyDelivery time is between 5 and 8 working hours for United States customers.
  • Physical address:4 Place Henri De Turenne 66000 Perpignan, France.
  • Return policy The return policy is14 days after the delivery of the item.

Is Genuine Benefits that this Shop offers:

  • Physical address for the shop is listed on the website.
  • Customer reviews are available.
  • It’s been operating for over four years.
  • Return and shipping policies are the same as other retail stores that are legitimate.
  • Email address and newsletter address are provided for the convenience of customers.
  • Discounts are available in proportion to the purchase amount of the item.
  • The Trust Score 93% can be a good indicator of a the legitimacy of the store.

Disadvantages of Website:

  • A majority of customer reviews are not favorable to the business.
  • Customers are expressing doubts about the quality of the products and services of this shop.
  • The details of the owner aren’t listed on the website.
  • The processing time can be cut.

What are Reviews?

The website’s lifespan is more than four years old, which means high traffic on this platform. About 7000 visitors visit each day to the women’s retail store. The majority of feedback from customers is available on the product page. has five stars for the item.

There is a possibility that a review posted on the site could be fake. The review of a customer on the review site that is neutral is an 1.5 rating and has 27 reviews. The majority of complaints relate to low quality products as well as poor responses from the executive of the company. Additionally, those searching for information on how to get refunds from PayPal refund can check this article.


Does Legit found most of the criteria to be favorable for the shop. The website appears to be legitimate however, it does have low marks for the customer review on the review site independent is about.

A few customers are not happy with the service, and buyers should keep this in the back of their minds. If you’ve bought something from Promlily and you are unhappy with the purchase, please share your experiences in the comments section. To tofind out more about credit card fraud, click here:

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