Jam Tangan Com Reviews Is This An Authentic Site?


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Everyone loves to have a watch. Are you looking for a fashionable watch that creates a unique look on your wrist? Do you need to be looking for these types of clothing? Jam Tangan portal is a great resource. You can find it here.

Jam Tangan was an Indonesian watch company. The company started with an offline store, but gradually expanded to online service.

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About Jam Tangan com

PT Ming Jaya Sejahtera founder of Jam Tangan com. He founded the company under the brand Machtwatch. The company was founded in 2014 and specializes in selling high-quality watches online. There are ten stores in Indonesia.

Jam Tangan com claims that it offers a variety of watches to suit every need. These products are exclusive to PastiOri watches. The portal claims that the products are affordable for Indonesians.

Let’s evaluate and clarify this question: Is Jam Tan Legit?

What specifications are there?

  • Website Type It is an e-commerce portal that sells a wide variety of watches.
  • Email: support@jamtangan.com
  • Website: https://www.jamtangan.com/
  • Contact Address: No information regarding the contact address.
  • Contact number1500-489
  • Product Cost:IDR
  • Sort and filterAvailable.
  • Payment Options:payment can be made with Visa, Master card or JCB.
  • Shipping Policies The shipping cost is determined by the distance from Jakarta to the destination point.
  • Delivery Time:Products delivered within 1-3 days.
  • Return Policy:Replacement is free
  • Social media link The website is connected with Facebook, Twitter YouTube Tik Tok and Instagram.

Jam Tangan.com Reviews There is more to discover. Let’s take a look at both the positive and the negative aspects of the following section.


  • Website can have verified HTTP security
  • A wide range of products are available at reasonable prices.
  • You can make a payment using authenticated verification.
  • You can read customer reviews about the products on our website.
  • The company has been present on the market for a long time.
  • It is possible to view the owner identity of your company.
  • This website has received positive reviews from other sites.


  • There is no contact information.
  • The return policy is not subject to a specific time limit.

Is Jam Tangan Legit?

  • Website Age This website is 17 years old. (Developed Date: July 4, 2005
  • Trust Score Website: The trust score is exceptional, 86%
  • Alexa Ranking: This portal has a rank at 144996.
  • The legitimacy and contact address: Although no contact address is provided, the products are shipped from nearby offline stores.
  • The legitimacy and format of the Email ID is There are no time limits for responsive mail.
  • Originality of Content: Customers trust .
  • Customer reviewsJam Tangan.com Reviews are available on the official site and other sites.
  • The owner identity is PT Ming Jaya Sejahtera is the founder of the company.
  • Social Media Connection The portal has strong social media connections with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, YouTube, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Return and Exchange Policies: There is not specific information regarding the return or exchange policy.
  • Refund policy: A manual bank refund is made within three days. Credit card refunds are made within 14-30 days. Debit card refunds take place within 60 days.

Portal trust is built on customer feedback. Let’s take a look at these reviews.

Jam Tangan com Reviews

Jam Tangan com claims that they offer high quality and a wide variety of models with smooth customer service. This is a positive sign that the website has received reviews on other sites. You can find customer reviews for products on the official site. The company has a solid track record in the market. The website appears to be reliable and legit based on the research. Click here to Get your Money Back from PayPal If You’re Scammed.


Jam Tangan com claims that they provide smooth service and high-quality products. Jam Tangan com reviews are helpful in assessing the legitimacy of this portal. This website appears to be legitimate because it has a high trust score and is not too old. All You Need to Know About Credit Card Scams

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