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James Bode Lyft driver refused to allow a woman into his car. What made him do this? Keep reading to find out the truth. Stay connected with us.

We want to start by asking our readers if they support racism. What will you do if someone makes a racist comment about your? Because racism should not be supported, you will either feel angry or sad. We will be discussing an incident that will leave you with a dilemma. Only one question will challenge you: Are you living in the 21st Century?

We will be discussing the heartbreaking incident that occurred in the United StatesJames Bode Lyft driver did something to a lady. What did he do to deserve this?

What did Lyft’s driver do?

A video of James Bode, a Lyft driver, kicking a woman from his car went viral recently on social media. Why did he do this to her? After reading what the woman said about James Bode, you will be stunned. The woman asked James Bode, after he entered the vehicle, if he was a normal man or not. He was also asked if he was a white man who can speak English. After hearing the comment, the Lyft driver Racist bar owner turned to the woman and asked her to get out his car. Bode also told her it was inappropriate to judge another person. Without any guilt, the woman asked Bode shamelessly: “Are you serious?” The woman was there with her partner. James Bode refused to let the man in the car. The Lyft driver was referred to as the man. He threatened James with punching him in the face and used slang. James looked out the car window and said that he would call police to report the incident.

What did James Bode Lyft driver, do next?

He made a complaint to police against the couple for assault. He wrote on Facebook that if anyone makes him feel uneasy, he would do the same for his car and property.

Who and where was this woman?

James Bode claims that the name of this woman was Jackie. James drove to Catasauqua, Pennsylvania on Friday night to collect Jackie and her partner, Fossil’s Last Stand on Race Street. It was around 10:37 p.m.

How did the viral video about the Lyft Driver Racist Owner become so popular?

Adam Parkhomenko (one of the political strategists) posted the video to Twitter on Sunday. The video went viral after it was posted and received more than 580,000 views. James Bode, a Lyft driver, shared the video via Facebook.

It was quite disturbing to see two human beings make insults about the Lyft driver. Is it possible to make racist comments in our society? Racist comments are a crime. Hate comments are not allowed to cause pain or discomfort to anyone.


People demand justice for James Bodelyft driver. These incidents are among the most serious crimes in society. We hope James Bode is brought to justice quickly. Click here for more information on Racism in the US.

What can someone do if they are confronted with racism? We would love to hear your ideas.