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Do you have any knowledge of John Paul? Are you aware of the reason the reasons why people are seeking John Paul? Are they a hit with the public within America? United States? Many people are looking in search of John Paul, which is being reported on news websites. The 2022 May date was the day that John Edward Paul lost his life together with wife. This is why John Paul Reyes is misinterpreted as John Edward paul. To dispel the confusion, go through this article.

This article will go over everything related to HTML0. John Paul Odessa TX.

Brief on John Paul

John Paul’s name in full can be pronounced as John Paul Reyes. He also goes by various names like John-paul Carrion Reyes, Reyes E Carrion, John-paul Reyes as well as Johnpaul Reyes. John was born on the 27th of August, 1984. People from all over the world were interested in knowing more about him.

His ethnicity John Paul is Hispanic American. His beliefs on religion are Christan. The issue the following is what is the reason people are seeking John Paul? The real reason could be John Edward. Indeed, John Edward passed away on May 10, 2022, and his memorial service is scheduled for 14 July 2022. Therefore, people are trying to find John Edward Paul as John Paul Reyes Odessa TX.

Who was John Edward Paul?

John Edward Paul was known for his decorations in the Vietnam war’s decorations. He died on May 10, 2022 together with the wife of his, Joyce. Edward was born September 17, 1940. He was the son of Irene Schmitt Paul and Earl Paul. He graduated of Polytechnic High School.

John Edward served as army intelligence chief during Vietnam. He was given his Bronze Star. In 1977, he tied the knot with his wife Joyce. John’s family included Joyce, his spouse Joyce, Robert Noah York as well as his stepson Kelli his daughter granddaughter Ashley Paul Amos, and Christopher Paul Lia York, his grandsons.

John Paul Odessa TX

John Reyes Paul is another person. He isn’t John Edward Paul or any of his relatives. There is no relationship between these two people, and they are two distinct individuals. John Reyes Paul is currently 37 years old. If you’re wondering about his relatives, we’ve got a few names of his relatives.

There are only a few information about John are available on the internet: Joshua Reyes, Jeremy Carrion Reyes as well as Dayanelie Reyes, as well as a handful of his relatives. John Reyes’s net worth John Reyes hovers around $50,000 to $99,999. John Paul Odessa TX The annual income of John Reyes is $20-29,999. This means that these are the information regarding John Reyes Paul we have discovered from internet sources.


To conclude the post We have listed all the essential details concerning John Paul. We’ve gathered the data on various websites and have it available here. A few people have misinterpreted John Edward as John Paul. In the wake of the demise of John Edward, people are looking for John Paul instead of John Edward wrongly. Visit this link to learn what is known regarding John Paul.

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