Johto Tour 2022 Pokemon Go Know The most notable features of the Tour


Each year something new and thrilling happens across the globe in Pokemon GO with drops, special events to catch the legendary Pokemon and much more. Fans have something exciting to look forward to every season, which is exactly the same this year.

You can’t wait for a complete fan-festival in 2022 because Johto Tour 2022 Pokemon Go will be in town to have the fun of your life. The huge ticketed event comes with giveaways, as well as special offers and is packed with more games to take part in.

This article will give you all the facilities and prices for tickets so that you’re ready for the largest Pokemon event to ever happen.

About Pokemon Go

Pokemon is always one of the most popular TV franchises across the globe, but nobody anticipated that it would take part in Pokemon Go’s popularity as a phenomenon in the world of culture.

In 2016 smartphones with AR game turned the world into a hunt for Pokemons close to you. This led to a resurgence of AR gaming and prompted people to be more active than they had ever.

Tickets and Timings to Johto Tour 2022 Pokemon Go.

The tickets for this major event cost $11.99 and will begin on February 26th, and run all day long between 9 am and 9 pm at the night. Tickets are available on the app by using Pokemon coins that can be exchanged to cash.

Participants can also participate at no cost but they won’t have the same advantages and experience by purchasing tickets.

Importance of Johto as an online game

Johto was initially made available as a place in the Pokemon game set in the Kanto region. The idea comes of the actual Kansai region, and is mixed in with Chubu in Japan.

Johto came out as part of the second edition of the Pokemon expansion. This can be the cause Johto Tour 2022 Pokemon Go is to be celebrated.

The most prominent elements of the Tour

  • If you’re watching the live game you’ll have the opportunity to do some specific research. This can be done during the game , or later on.
  • There’s the possibility to collect stickers at the Pokestops, as well as from the gift shops located in the region.
  • Participants can have the opportunity to earn more raid passes turning the discs inside the Gyms. You can earn up to 9 passes which permit you to post the event.
  • Participants will be able to take part in more than 10 collection challenges, and apply to them prior to the date of the competition.

Are there physical Johto Tour 2022 Pokemon Go celebrations?

Yes , there is a Pokemon communities in Europe is lucky because there are cities where you can participate in a physical event.

These are the places Pokemon fans can visit on February 26, 2022.

  • Linz, AT: City Park
  • London, UK: Whitfield Gardens
  • Manchester, UK: Piccadilly Gardens
  • Berlin, DE: Britzer Garten*
  • Hamburg, DE: Uberseeboulevard
  • Hannover, DE: Steintorplatz
  • Essen, DE: Burgplatz
  • Warsaw, PL: Electrownia Powisle Shopping Mall
  • Dortmund, DE: Westfalenpark*
  • Manchester, UK: Piccadilly Gardens
  • London, UK: St. Alfege Park
  • Bristol, UK: Broadmead
  • Cardiff, UK: Churchill Way
  • Edinburgh, UK: Castle Street

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Liverpool, UK: Liverpool One

There aren’t many events that are as exciting as the Johto Tour 2022 Pokemon Go and promise a thrilling adventure for everyone in the family. Be sure to reserve your tickets in advance to enjoy the excitement of this unique adventure.