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This guide provides information about Latin Wordle and the new Latin puzzle game, Enjoy.

Imagine if you could play puzzle games in your own language! It is possible with a new puzzle game that allows you to solve mystery words in Latin. Wordle Latin, an open-source project that allows you to solve Latin mystery words and learn the language at your own pace, is free and available for everyone.

The Wordle Clone is the game’s original concept, but it has a slight twist. Worldwide gamers who wish to learn Latin must play the Wordle Latin Wordle video game.

What’s Wordle Latin?

Wordle Latin, a puzzle game based on Wordle, has just been launched. It’s free to play and allows you to enjoy the game in Latin. The daily questions must be solved in six attempts.

Launched by latindictionary.io, the game was available to worldwide users. It was built using Typescript, React and Tailwind UI. The game does not have a backend or database because the word database is stored on its frontend.

Every day, a new riddle is revealed that players must solve in Latin using six attempts.

How to Play Wordle Latin Game ?

Wordle Latin is a new puzzle game that allows you to solve Latin questions. This means that players must guess Latin answers and have six chances to solve the mystery word. It’s very simple to play and shares many of the same characteristics as Wordle, the popular puzzle.

  • Players need to visit the official site of the game https://wordle.latindictionary.io/
  • Check out the daily questions
  • Use their six attempts to guess the correct word
  • Three or more consonants will be used by players in a row
  • You can guess the right answer and continue learning Latin with Latin Wordle game

A veteran Wordle player and Latin student releases the game. It is available for free at latindictionary.io You will need to try several hands before you can determine how much Latin you know.

What are the Reactions of the Player?

Many players became interested in the game soon after its launch, especially Latin-speaking ones. Many players used the discussion forum to share experiences and make comments.

Many participants agreed that the game was very fun to play. The Wordle Latin Game had them answering the questions and finding the answers.

Many people think the puzzle game is very cool. Some people also have suggestions for updating the game.


Many new versions of Wordle, a puzzle game similar to Wordle, have been released. Wordle Latin, which allows you to solve the mystery word in Latin, was the most popular.

It’s the same gameplay, except that players have six chances to find the correct Latin answer. Only the language is different. Players must solve the question using Latin.

For more information, you can read the Reddit comments.

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