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Have you heard of the Kevin Ross’ name? Kevin Ross? Another member of Kevin Ross’ team officially revealed it. Weld County Executive has supported Kevin Ross for the position of at-large that will be up for election in November. The United States, people are searching for more information about the position.

With the departure of director Steve Moreno, Mike Freeman was a committee member along alongside Ross when the director was elected to a post in 2020. He backed Ross to run for the office. Read on to learn more the details about Kevin Weld County.

About the Election

Kevin Ross, who was appointed to fill the vacant seat and served as Weld County Executive for a period of 10 months in 2020, stated his intention to run for an at-large seat in the 2022 election.

Kevin was a candidate to retain the position he was appointed to in 2020, but was defeated by Perry Buck by a razor-thin margin, has said he’s excited for another chance to lead a county that which he loves and build on the successes of his predecessor. Kevin is hoping to fill Moreno’s seat. It is set to be vacant after the term ends and he will retire in the next month.

Kevin Weld County

In a press release, Freeman stated, “I could not think of a better candidate than Kevin Ross to replace director Moreno then Kevin Ross. Ross has the experience and abilities necessary to keep Weld County’s history of fiscally conservative and efficient management.

As per his campaign site,, he has gathered a lot of famous votes from throughout the district, such as those in the sheriff, state senator, assessor, and the municipalities of Greeley, Windsor, and many more.

Freeman Statement in the Release

After Sean Conway’s resignation Ross the vice-president at Poudre Valley Equity, remained on the committee for a period of ten months. In our analysis of Kevin Weld County We found that from 2016 until 2021, Kevin served as Eaton’s Governor before joining the board.

Kevin performed throughout a time that Freeman said was “very hard for anybody in political office.” District 1 Representative Freeman is currently serving his third term, which will run through 2024. As per Freeman, Kevin showed excellent judgement and a keen eye in guiding the County through a difficult period. “Kevin is a brilliant leader with great records in municipal authorities”.

Kevin Ross Contributions

Ross was involved in the development of the language that allowed the county to exercise its control over the placement of energy and also protected the rights of landowners. Kevin Weld County was also a major factor in the creation of the language that is the county’s infrastructure and its complete understanding. In the aftermath on Covid, Ross collaborated closely with the finance director to adapt the budget of the county in order in order to keep its debt-free status and to prevent tax hikes.


Kevin Weldstated that the opportunity to run again came up following the announcement by Steve Moreno that he will quit after the term as president. As an at-large member , with one qualifying term remaining, Moreno has declared his decision to resign, instead of running for reelection.

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