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After the viral video, the guide shares his opinions and Citibank Los Angeles Reviews online.

Citibank Los Angeles has been featured in the news since 23 March 2022, when a Citibank worker was caught racially profiling an African-American girl who tried to deposit a $30K cheque. The story became a trending topic on social media after she shared it.

With over one million followers, she was a very popular TikTok user. After sharing her story, more people started to follow it in the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

The video was shared by 8.5 million people. For more information, you can view the video and the Citibank Los Angeles Review online.

What’s the Story All About?

Baby Storme is a TikTok Star who has over 1 million followers. She shared a TikTok video in which she was seen crying after being profiled racially by a Citibank Los Angeles Branch worker.

She said in the video that she was racially profiled when she went to the bank to deposit her father’s cheque to pay rent. It was worth $30K and was intended to pay a year of rent.

The bank teller said she could not deposit the cheque as he couldn’t verify it.

What’s the Citibank Los Angeles Reviews like?

Many social media users took to the forums and social media to discuss the Baby Storme story. Many people supported the TikTok star, and they shared many reviews and feedback against Citibank.

Many people shared their support for the bank and the teller by sharing reviews. They stated that it was the standard procedure to verify the cheque and that it was normal. Some were against racially profiling her and shared negative Citibank Los Angeles Review.

Different opinions are shared by different people. You can check out all reviews online before you share your thoughts.

What steps has Citibank taken?

The video quickly went viral and attracted the attention of many people, including Citibank Los Angeles.

Her followers were encouraged to sue her for damages after the video. Many people appreciated her bravery in this situation.

Baby Storme has yet to reply to any TikTok comments, or share any Instagram direct messages. Many people have shared mixed Citibank Los Angeles Reviews online.

Citibank has yet to respond to the viral video. The Bank will soon issue a notice clarifying the facts to the public. You can still read and check out the opinions and reviews of other people online. You can also view the story online from her TikTok profile.


After a viral video of a TikTok celebrity, Citibank Los Angeles is in the news. This video tells the story of a black girl who was allegedly profiled as she deposited a $30K cheque at Citibank Los Angeles.

The video caught the attention of many who shared mixed Citibank Los Angeles Reviews shortly after it was published.

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