Know About Tooka ! Is He A Chicago Gang Member ?


The person who is Tooka? the Chicago teenager who was killed in a horrific gang shooting in 2012. The question is what is the reason he’s so vilified today? After eight years of his death, he’s returning on the songs of King Von and in discussions online.

Let’s find out who Tooka is. Check out the entire article for more details

What is Tooka?

The proper name for “Tooka” can be described as Shondale Gregory. However, he’s more well-known for his street name. it was just a 15-year-old from Chicago.

What caused his death?

On the 12th January 2012, Tooka was sitting at the bus stop, waiting for his bus. He was waiting for his bus when at this time, a vehicle came up in his direction. A passenger stepped out of the vehicle and was seen chatting with the passenger for several words. Immediately at that point, the young teenager was shot numerous times. The child Tooka has been declared deceased on the scene. The boy was even in a state to be taken into the medical facility.

What was the motivation to his murder?

Shondale Gregory, also known as Tooka is a famed and prominent member of the Chicago Gangster Disciples (GD). His murder by gunshot is believed to be in revenge for the murder of another gang member who was named Eddrick Walker, aka Ty who was just 17 years old and was a follower and part of the Black Disciples (BD) and more specifically, the theory that has been circulating has been that Ty was murdered at the hands of one people who were members who were members of the GD Disciples only.Who is Tooka

In retribution for The death of Tooka, GD gang members killed another BD group member, whose surname was Odee Perry. He was just 20 years old. According to the reports in Daily Mail, Gakirah Barnes, who was the most close friend of Tooka was possibly at fault in the death of Odee Perry. The Mail classified her as “one among the more well-known female Gang members of US the history of America”.


who Is Tooka?

What happened to him after his death?

The motive to his gruesome murder?

Why is it that the singer King Von have so much hate for Tooka?

The revenge was paid by killing others in the gang continued , and Tooka’s close friend was also killed in 2014 at the tender age of 17 and was a planned retribution for killing of Odee Perry.

Why is it that the star King Von have so much hate for Tooka?

King Von, who is rapper who hails from O Block in the south area of Chicago was named in honor of Odee Perry by his fellow members of the gang. King Von has the name of his grandpa of the creator of the Black Disciples, David Barksdale and is usually referred to by the street name of King Dave.

As part of the battle between the Chicago gangs, the members fight over each other songs or social media sites. This is the reason King Von has been pronounced “smoking Tooka” multiple times

If you look up the Dictionary definition for “Smoking Tooka” it’s explained as a term that refers to potent marijuana. It was created in the aftermath of Shondale “Tooka” Gregory was killed (smoked) with Chief Keef’s group of Black Disciples. The smoking of cigarettes is now used to smear Shondale’s death.”

In his hit song, King Von while rapping in the chorus sings “Tooka into my lung. I repeat this every time, because King Von was smoking.”

The rage is the reason for the reemergence of Tooka on the news once more after 8 years. This is why people on social media are making speculations about the motives King Von is feeling towards Tooka.

One user has reached out to Reddit to say that he believes that the cause behind the hatred lies in King Von was probably attacked by Tooka at some point in the recent.

In the video above you will be able to pronounce “F**** Tooka we killed to the grave.” The video was uploaded to Instagram at first and was viewed by a lot of viewers , which is the reason of the name being trending after eight years after his murder.

Tooka is among the gang members that was brutally killed , and later was rubbed on the internet. But he’s one of the few people who are recognized by everyone in the world.