Know The Amount Money That Hurricane Katrina Cost : Know The Causes Of Natural Disasters


How Much Did Hurricane Katrina Spend? If there’s one thing humans can’t get hold of, and are often subject to, it is natural disasters. It becomes a tragedy every time it happens because we cannot stop or prevent them. The only thing humans have learned to predict is their outcome – which, as our experience shows, is not always possible.

Most of the time, there is no one to be blamed. People always find a fall guy when they are in these situations, but that’s just human nature. People cannot control everything. It is possible to learn from it, accept your mistakes, and make amends. We can also find ways to avoid them, look into the future, and be able save money, food, and shelter in times of emergency. We must learn to deal with it mentally, and better prepare our next generation for it.

Individual families are not the only ones that are affected. These events create chaos and complicate matters on a larger scale. It is likely that the economic system has one of the most severe effects on itself. It is difficult to get things back to normal, even though some states in the US are not affected by any disasters.

The government is not exempt from this responsibility, since they must help those in need, and those who have lost their homes or jobs. People who are in desperate need of money assistance may find it difficult.

The economy is under a lot of pressure and it’s difficult to maintain other areas of the country that haven’t been touched. The government system still requires a lot of strength and money. The destruction of houses, factories, or businesses has all resulted in money , which must be paid.

We will show you the actual damage that disasters cause, such as hurricane Katrina. Also, we will calculate how much it costs the government and its victims. The citizens suffered a lot of loss and significant damage. Although the government paid some compensation, people were forced to obtain $200 without a credit check

To get their money as quickly as possible

Katrina and Its Results

Hurricane Katrina struck at the end August 2005. It was ranked the third-worst hurricane in history.

It is difficult to read it this way. Scientific measurements don’t reveal the whole tragedy. However, it was designated a category 5 hurricane. This is the category where the wind blows at 160 mph or more.

Although many American cities and states were affected by the hurricane, New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi suffered the most. New Orleans was almost 80% submerged – can you see it? The water is nearly 20 feet deep. This means that houses were either totally flooded or unfit for living. These losses were enormous.

It is difficult to comprehend the financial damage caused to the people by Katrina . However, it resulted in property damage of 81 billion dollars. General economy damage was 150 billion USD. Hurricane Katrina was named after the “costliest hurricane” in the US.

It was clear that the general cost of a disaster went up twice as high than for property costs. This is why thousands lost their homes and were involved in accidents. The worst numbers are actually the money losses. This was the money that the government had to give to cities to make them come back to life. Based on data from the University of North Texas, this figure is around 215 billion dollars.

The losses are endless, and it is not even enough to mention the devastating effect it had on the oil productions in that region, which ultimately harmed 19% of US total oil production and caused the cost for it to go up quickly.

The most severe impact Hurricane Katrina caused on animals and people was due to the thousands of homes that were distracted. This led to an increase in migration numbers within the country, some claiming it exceeded the Great Depression’s number of migrants. Statistics show that hurricane Katrina claimed the lives of approximately 1,883 people, and impacted 600,000 animals. Although these numbers seem hard to believe, they are very real.

What Has It Got Now

Many people still believe that the government failed to manage the hurricane properly and that there were many losses and damage that could have been avoided. However, it is obvious that it is difficult to predict the extent of a disaster and how it would affect the country. The government also had to figure this out quickly.

We are not here to discuss what could have been done, but the effects of Hurricane Katrina are still visible today. Some parts are still not fully restored and not all of the buildings were rebuilt. There is still homelessness in the area. Unfortunately, the east coast continues to suffer from problems caused by Hurricane Katrina.

What Happened?

We all know that hurricanes can’t be prevented by humans. They are natural and unpredictable. Katrina was particularly destructive due to the failure of the levees around the named cities. The hurricane then travelled up the Gulfstream with a lot more speed, and this led to the disaster.

People were not prepared for it. They didn’t have time to evacuate or comply with any emergency restrictions because it happened so suddenly. While we claim that the government is not to blame for the failures, it’s true that they didn’t handle the situation well and that New Orleans residents are still angry about this. Although it has been 16 years since the tragedy occurred, we still have the painful memories and must learn from our mistakes.