Know The Reason Behind Vangelis Death May 2022 Insights!


This article will tell you more information about what is known as the Vangelis cause of death and all the smash records he’s made during his lifetime as well as his work.

Are you aware of the death of Oscar winning Composer Vangelis? Vangelis died on May 17, 2022. What is the probable cause for his demise?

Vangelis was an Oscar winner for his theme song of “Chariots Of Fire”. After his greatest theme songs for top-rated films and series, he was able to get an impressive image in United KingdomCanada as well as Canada and the United States. He passed away in the year 79. We’ll help you figure what Vangelis cause of deathin the following article.

How did Vangelis Die?

The two main reasons that were cited for Vangelis’s death are heart failure and coronavirus. So there isn’t a complete confirmation of the reason for Vangelis’s death. The mystery isn’t fully solved about the reason for the death of his father. People are eagerly awaiting the outcome.

Vangelis was living in Paris, France, where the artist was a part-time resident because of work. According to the report by the insider, there’s many different details being released about the true causes of death for Vangelis.

Vangelis Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire are among the most popular creations by Vangelis The theme song by Vangelis was listed among the Top 100 Billboard top songs. Vangelis also received numerous academic prizes for the theme song from Chariots of Fire.

He wrote this track in 1981 for the most famous film, Chariots of Fire that earned him an immense amount of fame as well as numerous awards such as the best picture and the most an original score. It’s an instrumental soundtrack for the theme. The track is available to view on YouTube, Chariots of Fire was viewed by 17 million viewers.

Vangelis Blade Runner

Blade Runner is another top most acclaimed creation by Vangelis and he makes use of one of the biggest Yamaha CS-80 synths for composing the music. The well-known soundtrack for Ridley Scott in the Blade Runner was written by Vangelis in the year 1982.

Vangelis was born in Argia, Greece, on 29 March 1943. He was employed by a variety of leading label companies in the music industry including Sony, Universal, Atlantic and many more. He was among the most talented music directors and composers. He passed away at the age around 79 years old in Paris. He is also popularly known by the name Vangelis Papathanassiou. But the shocking announcement of his passing brings many sorrows to his followers and loved ones. He has been involved in a lot of work in the world of music and top label names for film production.


Vangelis was among the most talented composers ever from Greece. He passed away aged 79 years old. The exact cause of the cause of his death isn’t known as of yet. There are many theories that suggest the cause could be coronavirus, or a heart attack.

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