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The article provides answers to the question: Why is Juul banned and outlines the negative consequences of vaping and also what health issues it could cause.

Are you aware of the reports of electronic cigarettes being prohibited across the United States? Do you know the motive to take such a radical move? We’ll tell you the reasons why the government took this huge step of bans on Juul. Many were concerned about youngsters becoming addicted to smoking and causing various lung diseases. Juul was offered in different flavors, and the young generation was hooked on Juul. Why is Juul bannedanswered by this piece?

Ban On The Products

The FDA is in the process of deciding to stop Juul from selling electronic cigarettes after it was revealed that the American Health association said that the cigarettes have a variety of negative consequences for the health of an person. A number of people have died after the introduction of the product since a large number of teenagers started to use vape. The company also was blamed for the growth of vaping among people. Numerous lawsuits were brought against the company , claiming that they enticed customers to buy their products, which resulted in an epidemic of dependence on the product.

Why Is Juul Being Banned ?

Juul was introduced to the market in 2015 and shortly after its debut it was able to sell around 2.2 million units in the following year. The company was able to achieve 75 percent. Based on the figures it is clear that the company was able draw attention to its products. Moreover, selling flavored cigarettes proved to be a good investment for the company. However, once people came close to recognizing the risks of smoking e-cigarettes however, they were observed as being a step behind and the lawsuit that was filed against the company led them to stop selling their products and resulted in dropping the market share.

People’s perspective on What is the reason why Juul banned.

Following the time that the FDA adopted drastic steps to eliminate Juul off the shelves, the product was met with mixed reactions from people who were affected, which is evident. Vapers who are addicted opposed the move, and those who knew about adverse effects of vaping backed the team. Juul has been through a number of lawsuits in US court and doctors have blamed vaping for being one of the main causes behind the rising number of lung-related ailments. Other brands also offer cigarettes that are vape-like, but Juul has done more harm to kids and other people. The FDA intends to Ban Juul E Cigarettesas soon as is possible.

For those who wish to know the complete details of the latest news can check out this article and be aware of the potential dangers of vaping.

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Final Verdict

Electronic cigarettes are nothing more than an imitation of the cigarettes of the past where flavorings are added, however, because of the large quantity of nicotine they can be harmful to the health. We advise people to avoid becoming hooked on vaping because they create serious health issues. The FDA will inform people know once the rule is announced. We have provided the solution to the question: Why is Juul banned?

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