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Take a look at the update below to learn more about Ky3 closings in schools’ cause and the associated problems.

Are you aware of the digital channels for news? Are you aware of KY3? Are you aware of the closure of school that are located in Springfield, Missouri? If you answer all of these questions is no then you’re at the right place to gather the information you need.

The closure of schools located in Springfield, Missouri, is current trending in the United States. A news site has reported the closings on Ky3’s closings for schools. To find out more you can follow the link in full.

About KY3

It’s KYTV Virtual Channel 3. It is an NBC-affiliated station. It is licensed by the state of Missouri and located within Springfield, Missouri, USA. Gray Television which is based in Atlanta is the proprietor of the channel. The channel first came into existence in 1953, and was the second network to enter to the Springfield market.

At present, KYTV broadcasts around 26.5 hours of local news every week and has programs that range between sports and weather. Additionally, the weather channel was canceled on December 31, 2008 following the demise from NBC Weather Plus. Then, KYTV created KY3 Weather Nation, its own version of the channel. KY3 Weather Nation.

Current News About Ky3 School Closings Springfield MO

At present some schools are closed, though there were warnings of snowfall were issued in the Missouri region, which includes Springfield public schools. According to KY3’s Twitter handle The snowfall might be large, but it’s not enough to create destruction. In addition, the advisories have been issued for people to be on the lookout and to avoid overpasses due the massive snowfall.

A winter warning is in effect for the entire Ozarks to be observed on both the days of Thursday and Friday. The snowfall forecast is to vary from 1 to 3 inches in certain regions however, in certain parts of the northern counties, it’s likely to be between 2 and 5 inches.

Other than news of school closings at Ky3 in Springfield MO, other schools have also been closed.

List of Schools Closed in Ozark Region

AltonClosed FridaySchools
BransonClosed FridaySchools
BunkerClosed FridaySchools
ChadwickClosed Friday AMI DaySchools
El Dorado Springs Head StartClosed FridaySchools
EvangelClosed FridaySchools
ForsythClosed FridaySchools
Missouri State UniversityClosed Fridayevents will be held unless noted otherwise.Schools
OsceolaFriday April 18 will be closed. Make-up day.Schools
OTC-SpringfieldClosed Friday classes relocated into remote teaching.Schools
RoscoeClosed FridaySchools
Shell KnobClosed FridayAMI 3Schools
SuccessClosed FridaySchools
TaneyvilleClosed FridaySchools
ViolaEarly Dismissal at 1:00PM FridaySchools
WarsawClosed FridaySchools

The following list provides details on Ky3 closuresof schools.


The weather forecast for many cities across the USA for March is filled with snow, which is why the schools are closed in order to avoid any mishaps. Schools have responded to digital classes in order to prevent any disruption to their the study.

Today, the snowfall in Missouri is expected to occur in the morning and late evening. Saturday is also likely to be cold, and sunny weather is expected for Sunday.

The news reports on Ky3 closings at schools is on the rise to help students avoid traveling in extreme conditions of snow. For more information on weather related issues you can check out the KY3 listing of the schools that are that have been closed.

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