Larval Tear Ring Discover The Locations And Features


This post will discuss the Larva Tear within the Elden Ring as well as the various places where you can find the Larval Tear Ring.

Are you a fan the Elden Ring role playing game? Are you looking for the Larva Tear within the Elden Ring? If so, please read the following post.

The Larva Tear, an essential item in Elden Ring is sold in record numbers of 12,000,000 worldwide copies in just three weeks. People are looking for Larva Tear locations. In this article, we will discuss the Larval Teering.

What’s Larval Tear?

The Larval Tears of Elden Ring are an essential item in the game. Rennala needs Larval Tears to give her rebirth. The Elden Ring’s key points are a set of objects that can be found at specific locations or provided by NPCs. These can be used to open sections and missions, or advance the plot.

Larva Tear Features:

  • The heart of a silvertear, a mimicking organism.
  • It can be both a material as well as a living entity.
  • This material is essential for Rennala, Queen of Full Moon, to rebirth humanity from her amber egg.
  • Rebirth allows you to reallocate levelled-up attributes.

Where can I find a Larval Tear Ring

Sometimes it can be difficult to find Larva tear. Here’s a list of possible places where Larva Tear might be found.

  • Limgrave

A Lesser Runebear disguised as Undead Soldier throws the item near the South location of Grace in Agheel lake.

  • Liurnia of Lakes

Located in the Albinaurics’ Village, it is near the town’s cemetery.

A Grafted Scion dressed up as the Giant Lobster takes it when they are defeated. This location is located between Rose Church and Boilprawn Shack.

It was found in the cemetery east Caria Manor after the Resurrection Painting was received. This region can only be accessed by players who have defeated Royal Knight Loretta.

Contacting a spirit sitting on a graveyard chair to discover the Larval Tear Ring was how you discovered the Larval Tear Ring .

They contact the ghost and it vanishes. The Larval Tear as well as the Juvenile Scholarship Cape and Juvenile scholar Robe appear on the floor.

Pidia purchased Carian Servant for 3000 runes. You can reach him by climbing the cliffs at the southeast corner of the Three Sisters area after fighting Royal Knight Loretta.

  • Caelid

Dropped in Caelid by a Troll pretending to be an Undead Soldier.

  • Altus Plateau

In a corner of the unidentified Woodfolk Ruins, a Lion Guardian dressed up as Undead Soldier released the Larval Tearring. You can access the Rampartside Path to reach the ruins, which are on the cliff tops.

  • Siofra River

Purchased from a Nomadic Merchant in the vicinity of Siofra River for 3000 Runes

  • Nokstella in Eternal City

A Silver Tear disguised as an inert ball landed on the Nokstella footbridge.


It is not easy to find the Larva Tear within the Elden Ring. Players must be able to identify the correct location and follow the steps to get the items. You can also get Larva Tear.

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