Madden NFL 23 Beta: How is the evaluation?


The much-anticipated next-generation Madden NFL video game has been revealed, Madden NFL 23, which will be released on EA Sports on August 19, 2022. If you’ve been a big fan of the Madden franchise for the past few years, then you can’t miss Madden 23.

However, given the poor performance of Madden NFL 23 Beta, we still can’t judge how Madden 23 will actually perform at that time. It’s still as clear as a third-week game in Arizona that this franchise remains firmly planted at 4th and long.

To its credit, Madden 23 has continued to maintain the barely-there feel of analog NFL broadcasts and carried the feature forward again. Whether I’m trying to recreate the “Ice Bowl” between Green Bay and Dallas, or play South Miami with Teddy Bridgewater and the rest of the lads, the presentation is still as convincing as I’d like it to be. That way, personally, I’d be more willing to spend Madden 23 Coins on more player cards and items to boost the strength of the Ultimate team.

Also, Madden NFL 23’s animations are more detail-oriented, most evident in passing and receiving. I feel less fixed and more flexible than before. Even though I spent more time on the Madden 23 Beta than I did in the first three games combined, I still really appreciate it. Do other players have the same experience as me? And whether it’s really the “delusion” that things have gotten better.

The addition of EA’s so-called “fieldsense” promises to give players more control than ever before. If we do have access to the aforementioned animation updates in the official version of Madden 23, then we can easily predict matches based on how our opponents move, which makes the game more playable and competitive. In theory, this is a great concept. I’ve had a couple of games that came down to a beautiful juke just because I expected the opposing cornerback to move to one side or the other.

However, as mentioned earlier, much of the Madden 23 beta was in disarray. Frequent crashes have been plaguing most players for the past week, even appearing as bad as kicking people back to the dashboard for three games in a row. Of course, EA Sports should try their best to fix these issues when the official Madden 23 comes out. However, a quick look at Madden’s subreddit shows that may not be the case.

The problems didn’t stop there. I’m surprised to hear as many audio hiccups as I do when everything works. Commentators often make mistakes, such as hitting the wrong ball or giving the wrong score. It got so bad that during the Rams and the Patriots game, Charles Davis started talking about how good the Commanders were. Also, he didn’t mention some kind of simulation game happening in the background.

It is still about 2 months away from the official release of Madden NFL 23. Most players are now skeptical of Madden 23’s playability because of the poor performance of the Madden NFL 23 Beta.

If EA Sports wants to be popular with MUT fans again, the developers must also put more effort into optimizing Madden NFL 23 to the extreme before pushing it to players who have waited a year. Gone are the days of small improvements. After all, every Madden player wouldn’t want to spend their hard-earned money on a clone that looks almost unimproved.

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