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What was the number of boaters who died in the Aruba Boating accident? This article will provide more information about the news. Keep checking back for more blogs.

What has happened in Aruba Is there any Aruba death? Today, we’ll be discussing the heart-breaking accident that occurred on 21 December 2015. This terrible accident occurred in Aruba, close to the United States.

The Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard reported that a boat carrying seven Venezuelans had crashed near Aruba. A shark attacked them as they were being saved. One of the sharks attacked them while they were being rescued.

It is heartbreaking news. These events happened so quickly that the rescue team was unable to save the Venezuelan man. Let’s learn more about the Aruba Booting Accident.

Where’s Aruba located?

Aruba is a beautiful Caribbean island. It is nearly flat. Tourists are most likely to visit Ayo Rock Formations or Casibari. Other than these, Eagle Beach and Baby, Arikok National Parks, Boca Catalina Beach and California Lighthouse are all great places to visit. Aruba lies approximately 25 km from Venezuela’s coast.

Aruba is worth a visit for beach and sea lovers. Aruba is the perfect vacation destination if you enjoy the tranquil beauty of the ocean.

A boater was killed by a shark in Aruba.

Roderick Gouverneur, a DCCG-Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard spokesperson, stated in a press conference the boat carrying seven Venezuelans suddenly became upside down. After a while, the rescue crew arrived to assist them. One of the seven Venezuelans was very close to the torpedo buoy. He was rescued by the rescue team who tried to fly him to safety. The shark attacked him suddenly, and the rescue team tried to help him in a helicopter.

The shark caused severe injuries to the man. He was unable to survive. He died in the ambulance as he was being taken to the hospital. It is very sad news to learn about the Aruba Boating Accident.

Other Injuries

Roderick Gouverneur (spokesman) said that two other boaters were killed when their boat was upside down. The two boaters drowned in deep water. He mentioned that the other four Venezuelan men had to take a long time to recover from their dehydration after they had consumed a lot seawater and held onto the fridge and pallet.

The incident was extremely distressing for the families and friends of the seven Venezuelans. Only four of the seven boaters survived. They are still trying not to think about the incident and to get back on the right track.

Causes of death in the Aruba Boating Accident :

  • One Venezuelan man was brutally attacked by a shark.
  • Two other boaters were also drowned in deep water.


They traveled from Venezuela to Aruba to sell whisky. They began their journey from Bonaire in order to sell goods. They were not the only ones who set out on their journey from Bonaire to sell goods. Many other Venezuelans followed them and went on boats to distribute their products across the Caribbean Sea.

To know more, click Aruba. We can conclude by expressing our deepest condolences to the Aruba Boating Accident.