Married to Medicine Season 9 – Is It Cancelled?


Bravo Television’s Married to Medicine is a medical reality show for women located in Atlanta, Georgia. It examines how they live, socially, and technologically. The series was developed by Cooper Green, Matt Anderson as well as Nate Green based on Mariah Huq. The show was launched in its first episode on March 2013. The 8th season is coming to an end fans want to be informed whether Married to Medicine Season 9 will be released or not. Learn everything you need to know about season 9 below!

Wedding to Medicine 9 release Date

On 7 March 2021 , on Bravo, Season 8 of Married to Medicine began, while the season concluded on 18 July 2021 after 19 episodes. It will take approximately 43 minutes to complete each episode.

The show has been criticised because of its failure to deliver quality content and morality to their viewers, the show’s worth in terms of entertainment has been stoked up. Despite the show’s popularity, many viewers expressed concern that actors appear truly accountable. They also appreciated that the most powerful women do not miss out on the opportunity to take part in community-based projects. It’s no surprise that they’re eagerly anticipating season 9 of the show.

A formal announcement about the cancellation or renewal of the show is yet to be released for the ninth season. However, the place where it will be placed is not clear. Interestingly, over all the seasons, viewers’ audience has been slashed drastically. Indeed, the premiere episode from the 8th season has drew an estimated 729,000 viewers, which is the lowest audience to watch the entire season. It could be due to an eroding of the presence of Quad Webb as well as his absence from Mariah Huq, who both played a significant role in the show.

When we consider these information into consideration, we could guess the date when Season 9 will be released. The show’s new episodes are released each fall. The COVID-19 outbreak could delay season 9. But considering that it takes less than one month to get the team ready for the upcoming season, there’s no need to sit around till season nine of Married to Medicine is renewed and then scheduled for release in the next few months of the fall 2022.

The Cast

The main characters of Season 8 (who could return in season 9 too):

  • Toya Bush-Harris
  • Dr. Jackie Walters
  • Dr. Simone Whitmore
  • Doctor. Heavenly Kimes
  • Dr. Contessa Metcalfe
  • Recently was Anila Sajja
  • Kari Wells
  • Lisa Nicole Cloud
  • Quad Webb

We could see several of the cast members to be reunited when season 9 airs. However, whether Mariah and Quad will return as an ongoing series is yet to be determined. To make things more lively somewhat, you can introduce new characters to the series.