Moink April 2022 Reviews Is It An Authentic Website


This article will provide information on Moink Review and its operation and journey towards the shark tank in which they will receive their first big investment.

Have you ever tried the meat box by Moink Company? Moink Company? Did you know that Moink was part of the Shark Tank series in the year 2020? It’s difficult to find a genuine and clean piece of meat from the United States.

This is no longer the case because in this article we’ll talk about the meat delivery service known as Moink and will also tell you about Moink Reviews. Moink Review from a customer’s viewpoint. So, let’s get started.

What is Moink?

Moink is a delivery website which delivers the small pieces of meat right to your doorstep in a container. The business claims to provide the most authentic and clean pieces meat, but a lot of new users are confused as to whether to sign up to the service or not.

If we check through the reviews, we can see that the majority of people are very satisfied with the service provided by Moink and are thrilled to be the customer of the company.

Keep following us to get more details about Moink Company. Moink Company and its shark tank journey.

Moink Shark Tank episode

Moink Company comes in episode 15 of season 10 of Shark Tank, where the pitch for the business was on the Ethical meat subscription box. The name of the founder is Lucinda Cramsey.

The founder demanded the investment amount of 250,000 for 10 percent. The sharks were intrigued by the deal in addition, Jamie Siminoff took the deal for $400,000 with 20 percent equity.

Check out the show on YouTube to learn more about the agreement and the negotiations with the founder as well as sharks.

Moink Company’s working

If you’ve watched that Moink Shark Tank episode, you’d be aware that the company claims to offer authentic meat to their clients. The company’s founder says they sourced the meats of small farms dedicated to implementing sustainable farming practices.

Thus, all meats offered by the company are free of antibiotics and hormones. They source their meat from farms within the United States to rid the meat of any contamination.

What’s the various kinds of meats via Moink’s website? Moink Website?

If you check out the menus from Moink Company’s menu Moink Company and from the Moink Reviews you will see plenty of choices of meat , including:

  • Beef- Ground Beef, Chuck Roast, NY Strip, Stew Meat
  • Pork- Breakfast Sausage, Pork Chops, Pork Sausages, Shoulder Steak
  • Poultry- Chicken Wings, Chicken Thighs, Chicken Drumsticks, Chicken Breast
  • Seafood- Sockeye Salmon Fillet, Wild-Caught Salmon

How much are costs of Moink meat boxes?

The cost for moink meat box Moink meat box is based on the kind of meat you pick. The website provides four different kinds of boxes to customers at various price points:

  • Medium- $159
  • Medium (No pork)- $159
  • Small- $129
  • Small (No Pork)- $129

Wrapping it up

When we look at Moink reviews and the facts we are able to conclusively say the Moink Company can be described as a reputable company that delivers the highest quality beef cuts for its clients. In addition the customers are satisfied with the quality of the the Moink Box subscription and are planning to remain subscribers on the website.

Have you seen that shark tank show on Moink Company? Do share your thoughts by leaving a comment section.