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This article describes a museum which displays hundreds of failed projects and services around the world. Learn more about the Museum of Failure Calgary.

What are your failures celebrated? Do you want to learn more about a museum that celebrates the failures of well-known companies? Continue reading to learn more about this fascinating concept.

The Canada people are interested in the various concepts and they look forward to visiting Museum of Failure Calgary. Canadians were excited by the new perspective. Let’s learn more about the museum, and the innovations it displays.

Calgary Museum of Failure

The Calgary Museum of Failure was opened in Calgary, Canada on July 1, 2022. Online ticketing is possible. The museum is located at the Southcentral Mall. There are more than 130 unsuccessful innovations in the museum collection.

The museum’s curator is Dr Samuel West, a psychologist. This idea is intended to stimulate productive discussion and learn from mistakes.

Museum of Failure Calgary

  • In Helsingborg (Sweden), Failure Calgary was first introduced. The museum was popularized later and had successful exhibits in Paris and Shanghai.
  • Lucas McCarthy, Showpass’ founder and CEO, organized Calgary Museum of Failure.
  • The museum is open until 31 August 2022.
  • Showpass offers online tickets.
  • General visitors aged 13 to 64 are subject to a $28.11 CAD charge, which includes tax.
  • Children aged 5-12 years are subject to a $21.93 tax plus tax. Senior citizens 65+ are subject to a $23.99 tax plus tax.

Major Failures at Calgary Museum

Below are the major failed innovations that were displayed at Calgary’s Museum of Failure.

  • Nike Magneto (1995-1997): Nike Magneto was a cool pair of eyewear that was endorsed by many athletes. Magnetic gluing was a controversial concept.
  • Toshiba HD DVD (2006)-2008: Toshiba launched blue laser HD formats in an attempt to compete with Sony, but was unsuccessful in securing support. The company lost over 1 billion dollars.
  • Apple Newton (1993-1998): Apple Newton was a personal digital assistant that featured a touch screen. The slowness and inaccuracy of handwriting recognition was heavily criticised. Steve Jobs resigned from the Newton project in 1997. Continue reading about the Museum of Failure Calgary.
  • Google Wave (2009-2010): Google failed to create the ultimate communication tool.

Feedback on Calgary Museum of Failure

  • Michelle Beldi, visitor, said that she had a lot of fun visiting the museum.
  • Joshua Harrop, another visitor was also amazed at the failures of these innovations.
  • Lucas McCarthy stated that the show was his attempt to promote innovation and creativity.


Modern society doesn’t recognize the value of learning from mistakes. The Museum of Failure reminds us that failures are just part of the learning process. For more information on this topic please visit here.

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