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Rule of Procedure 37 (5) Witness is not answering the question being asked.

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What are you able to understand when you hear “objection”? The lawsuit that involves actors Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard is in its fourth week, and the Aquaman actor testifying as an accused.

The phrase Objection-Non-Responsive is unfamiliar to many individuals in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. So, in this article, we will explain Objection Non Responsive Meaning in simple terms. Read the whole article to know more about it.

What is Non-Responsive Objection

The non-responsive objection doesn’t address the argument or evidence presented. Also it doesn’t address one of the issues raised through the arguments or the proof.

This could be a major error since it is possible for the judge to view this as an indication of weakness, and may not consider your argument as strong enough. Witnesses must always respond to every argument made by the other side. The best method to address that is by acknowledging the other side’s point and then justify why it isn’t relevant or isn’t applicable in this case.

Example of Objection Non Responsive

An objection that is not responsive occurs an objection made by someone to an idea or proposal however the objection doesn’t deal with the idea or proposal.

In this instance, you could be presenting the company’s new dress code and someone might ask, “How will this affect my ability to wear flip flops?” They’re declaring that they aren’t a fan of flip-flops, yet their complaint does not address your suggestion! They might not have been paying attention or did not know the situation. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about Opinion Formula Compound.

You may respond by reiterating your request in different terms to make it clear that it addresses the concerns of your customers. For instance: “The new dress code policy says that we can wear flip flops only if they’re black.”

About Hearsay

A hearsay is a claim that is made by someone who has not have any personal experience with the event. It is typically not admissible for use in court since it is difficult to determine whether the person making the claim is speaking the truth or simply repeating the words of someone else.

In the present hearsay evidence is not as reliable as other types of evidence since it is impossible to determine if the person who made it up was truthful.

Objection Non Responsive Meaning

Arguments are raised by the attorney or witness in the event that they believe that the other party is asking prejudicial or irrelevant questions.

If the opposing party is not able to agree to the request, they are in the position of proving that the question was pertinent to the issue and was not prejudicial. The judge will decide whether to accept the question in light of this argument.


The objection that is not responsive is in connection with the evidence and can be made during the time the witness is giving evidence. The objection can be raised regardless of the fact that the evidence was not made public at a later time in the case. It is important to remain courteous in your disagreements even if you’re controversial.

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