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Discover exclusive and consolidated information which aren’t available elsewhere on Omaze Learn the reason along with Vansmith services are gaining popularity. is an non-profit company which aims to collect donations by providing prizes. It’s a win-win for both the charity and the donor. Do you have any dreams of a campervan that has kitchen sink, kitchen top cooking gas, storage space for shoes, clothes and kitchen appliances, mini-fridge bed, fan with interior lighting as well as charging ports, a multi-purpose table and more. ?

You can get a campervan from America. United States in the United Statesby taking part in the noble cause of charity Omaze Vansmith.

Offers at

The current call for donations is open on is advertising the possibility of winning a Mercedes(r) 2022 Sprinter van, which is an exclusive prize. The van is able to be modified to meet the needs for the prize winner. The conversion can be customized by Vansmith and will cover the cost of $80K, which is portion of the prize. is well-known for its van conversion.

About Vansmith:

Vansmith’s services offer freedom to those who want to enjoy comfortable and thrilling off-road excursions with a camper van. Vansmith services are available for the Mercedes Sprinter Van includes rooftop solar panels that can be used for off-grid living. This Mercedes Sprinter Van is a robust vehicle that is able to support the all the above-mentioned utilities for two persons. Vansmith offers diverse interior styles to Mercedes Sprinter Van, including:

  • The BIVY conversion concept begins at $33K.
  • The RACK AND ROLL conversion plan begins at $63K.
  • The design for the OUTPOST conversion starts at $80K, and
  • Customized conversion design and cost based on the specifications of the user.

What is HTML0? got its start? the founders Matt and Rayn were disappointed of taking part in an auction that was aimed to donate the proceeds through the auction to charities. The auction advertised prizes, including seats to an Laker game, as well as meals featuring Magic Johnson. However, as the auction’s value was increased, Matt and Rayn were outbid.

Innovative ideas for charity at Vansmith :

The old method of collecting funds for charity remains. However, those who participate in auctions like these are wealthy and have the luxury of to afford luxury items. What about those who wish to help by bidding on auctions with little or no money they have. In auctions , the aim is raising money for charity, and also offer prizes exclusive to the most bidders. So, those who bid in small amounts will eventually be outbid and will be eliminated from winning prizes.

What does it do?

Matt and Rayn’s denials prompted the development of which is an innovative company to create win-win scenarios for charities and donors. Vansmith lets users make donations as little as $20 to $25 $50, $100, or $150 to charitable causes. Whatever amount is given the donor will be eligible to be awarded prizes.


The current solicitation for donations will close on 29th May 2022. Winners of the Mercedes Sprinter Van will be announced around the 15th June 2022.’s donation program Omaze.comoffers an array of benefits as customers are mostly looking to donate amounts to charities. The donors can also be eligible for prizes!

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