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This post on Open Diving accident Face Split tells our readers what happened to Emma, and how she survived.

What do you need to know about skydiving accidents? No one wants to think about falling from an airplane with their parachutes not working. Emma’s story is becoming a popular United States. Amazingly, she lived to tell the tale. The 20-year old set off on her customary Australian pilgrimage towards Europe. Carey wanted to skydive and they arrived in Switzerland on the fifth of their three-month journey. You can read the entire post about Open Diving Accident.

What happened?

Emma Carey was embarking on a three-month journey to Europe that would take her and her best friend Jemma Mrdak. Jemma, a schoolmate, had strong objections to Emma’s desire to skydive on day five of their trip.

The accident, which was supposed to be exciting, turned into a nightmare when parachute problems led to the 20-year-old falling 14,000 feet. Amazingly, she lived to tell the tale. Emma’s supervisor touched her shoulder to let her know that the parachute was open.

Open Diving Accident Face split

The instructor waited too long to get it open and it was too late when it finally deployed. Emma, later to write The Girl Who Fell From the Sky about her fall, vividly recalls how she prepared to jump in the helicopter in 2013, and the three words she spoke to Jemma before the terrible catastrophe. The feeling of being free would be something she will never forget.

The chutes had choked the instructor and he lost consciousness. Emma tried to shout at her but she didn’t respond. This is what happened at Open Diving Accident Facial Split .

Her teacher made it out alive, too.

Emma was shocked to discover that her instructor had fallen. Emma was the victim of this accident, and she fell on her face on top of Emma. Jemma jumped successfully and fell without realizing what had happened to her close friend.

Emma was taken to the hospital for back and pelvic surgery. Emma was paralysed from the waist down after two fractures to her spine.

After her Open Diving Accident Facing Split, she returned to Australia with her family. After her accident, she entered rehab and miraculously, began to feel better in her legs. She eventually learned to walk, although she still had a slight limp.


Emma has been alive for nine years, even though her stomach is now a sham and she can’t control her bowels or urine, she is grateful that she is still able to share her story.

She also wrote a book about her horrendous experience, in which she discusses how the Open Diving Accident Face split was significant.

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