How To Get Zen Marker Know The Updates To Find The Hints!


In this article we will discuss the steps on how to get the Zen Marker in Roblox’s Roblox Find the Markers game.

Are you a lover or player of Find the Markers game? Are you interested in learning more about how you can obtain Zen Maker? If so, you should read this post.

Find the Markers is a variation that is a variation of Find the Badge game. The players have to find markers by using hints. The brand new Zen Marker was launched recently and many people living in America United States want to know more about. This is why, in this article we’ve discussed how to get the Zen Marker.

Steps By Step Guide to Obtain Zen Marker

Step 1: Hint 1 to Get Zen Marker

  • To begin, visit the brand new section of candy land and search to The Saint Markers Chocolate Fountain.
  • Then, head towards the direction of the fountain.
  • There is a hint to the left of the fountain that players must find
  • After obtaining the clues from the location the players must head to the factory.
  • After passing through the tree section, players arrive at the Factory Which is Great For The Economy.
  • Once inside the factory, visitors will be able to see a display showing which direction is the Assembly Line.

Step 2: Hint 2 for How to Get Zen Marker

  • The players must follow the directions and move towards it before entering the room.
  • When you enter the room, head to the right side of the lobby with red checkers for the second hint.

Step 3: Hint 3 to Get Zen Marker

  • Moving forward, players will find the new dessert section and once you’ve reached the dessert section players must look for the largest pillar known as Big”Big’s Hand. Additionally, the pillar is equipped with an unchanging dark brown that is a rotating pillar over it.
  • The third clue will be in the middle of the Big hand of Big.

Step 4: Hint 4 to Get Zen Marker

  • The next steps on How to Find Zen Marker Players should move towards the revamped forest section.
  • There will be staircases near the center of the tree. Players must climb the steps.
  • When they reach the top the players will spot an NPC dressed in blue shirts with a crescent moon above his head.
  • The players must jump across the log in front of the NPC and then jump over the rope until they reach the opposite end of the log.
  • Go to the end of the earth and leap over the bottom of the cliff and get the fourth hint within the cliff.

Step 5: Hint 5 for How to Get Zen Marker

  • Then go to the small cabin in the forest , and go up the chimney.
  • The next step is to head to the truss and get the final indication of how to use the lightning bolt.

Step 6: Obtain the Chocolate & Reach Fountain to Get Zen Marker

  • Then go to the cabin in the snow and head upstairs. There you can grab the chocolate from the microwave.
  • Finally, visit the fountain and deposit the coin and players will receive Zen Marker. Zen Marker.


It is essential that players follow the steps listed above in order to get Zen Marker. If they fail to follow any clue, it is impossible to obtain Zen Marker. Check out this video to learn more details.

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