Pelilys 2022 Reviews Is This Authentic Or Scam?


If you’re looking to verify the authenticity on Pelilys website and are looking for more details about Pelilys reviews Please read the following information.

Are you concerned about the authenticity of an e-commerce website? Are you interested in knowing the evaluation of the website? If yes then you must find out the details to the question of an E-commerce website.

The supply chain is evolving rapidly that everything is now available from the online website. There are products from kitchenware to clothing everything can be found through this website. We also have an online platform called Pelilys that sells clothes products. The customers who live in Spain as well as Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and France are seeking Pelilys Reviews. If you’re also among them, check out the reviews this article.

About Pelilys Platform

It’s an online store that provides the most fashionable clothing from all over the world. The site offers fashionable clothes for women and girls. They also offer various tops, bottoms, jumpsuits and swimming wear.

According to the website it states that it will provide free shipping on the purchase of more than $69. The website provides a discount of 15% on purchases of more than $89; 20% for purchases of more than $169, and 25 percent discount on purchases over $259.

Alongside the trendy clothing In addition to the fashionable clothing, the website also sells fashionable accessories, shoes and other footwear for women and girls. Before we can answer Are Pelilys legitimate take a examine some additional information.

Pelilys Detailed Specifications

  • Website link-
  • Products – Fashion clothing for women
  • Domain Age – 08/01/2022
  • Email address –
  • Contact numbernot available
  • Address of the company – Room 2226 No. 2, Caoling Street, Zhouxi, Nancheng Street, Guangdong Province
  • Shipping charges: Free shipping to anywhere in the world for orders of more than $69
  • Processing time for transportation – of 1-5 days, and shipping time between 5 and 12 days for US as well as 8-15 working days in all other countries.
  • Return policy for certain products – they are eligible for return within 30 days after receiving the receipt for the item.
  • Cancellation fee of 15 percent will be deducted for orders that are not cancelled within 24 hours of placing an order.
  • Social media presence Facebook, Instagram, Twitter according to website
  • Payment method- VISA, Discover, Mastercard, PayPal, etc.

Before we get into Pelilys reviews ,let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of the website

Pros of The Website

  • This website has HTTPS secured
  • An email address as well as a business address, and the company’s name are listed in the website.
  • The website also provides the size chart for shoes that is available to the buyer.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram logos are displayed at the website.
  • An interest rate discount of 15%, 20 percent, 20%, and 25% could be feasible.

Cons of The Website

  • The free shipping on orders over of $69n appears to be unattainable.
  • The phone number isn’t accessible.
  • The contact information is in China and the website is only available in USD GBP, EUR, and CAD that seems to contradict.
  • The company’s name that is mentioned on the website is associated with some automated work in China This is also contradiction.

Is Pelilys Legit?

  • The Domain’s age has been verified as 08-01-2022
  • Domain expiration date- 08-01-2023.
  • Reviews from customers are available on the website
  • Quality of the content- Poor interface of high quality.
  • Owner’s contact information is not available through the website.
  • Policies- The specifically stated policies include shipping policy, refund policy Privacy policies, IPR policy.
  • Trust score- A low confidence score, 2 percent..
  • Reviews- There are no reviews published on Trustpilot. However, all reviews that are fair are posted in the website.
  • Index Rank- The index score is medium. This is 42.7/100.
  • Discounts- Listed on the website
  • Originality of the addressAddress originality – The address cannot be traced via the internet.

Pelilys Reviews From The Users

According to the official website there are a few reviews that are available for certain items. But these reviews can’t be considered to be accurate. Most review and rating are positive to the products and websites. The products are rated five-star or four-star on websites.

There are a few reviews through social media. Based on reviews posted on Facebook most users will ask for discount and rate-related questions. However, these inquiries aren’t authentic ones.

In addition to Pelilys Review ,the information that is available on evaluation websites provides the Pelilys website an extremely low trust rating, which causes concerns. Furthermore the website seems to be extremely new, which is a problem. The lifespan of the domain is very brief, at most one year.

So this website is deemed to be questionable and a fraud. Additionally, if you’d like to claim an amount back through PayPal ,visit here.

The Bottom Line

Based on our investigation, the discount seems plausible according to the website. The apparel website has a presence on Facebook and Twitter. great, but the ambiguity between the contact information and the business name is worrying. Additionally, Pelilys Reviews, according to Facebook aren’t conclusive.

As of now in the present, due to the negative points that come with it, you are able to make use of this website with caution. To learn more regarding the refunds on the website through credit card, visit here. For further questions, you can write a comment.