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Have you heard of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith? Did you know about the controversy surrounding life of American actors? This is a hot topic across different regions, including that of United States, Canada, the United Kingdom as well as Australia.

in 2020 American performer Jada Pinkett admitted to engaged to August when she was she was married to Will Smith. What is the reason and why is the story about who Will Smith Wife Cheat Withtrending? If you’re interested to find out, keep reading the entire article.

Was Will Smith’s Wife Cheating-?

Will Smith and his wife Jada Smith had an open relationship throughout the years. During a variety of occasions, they’ve been told to get divorced. While Will Smith and his wife were married to each other in a happy way there were reports of an apparent plot.

It was considered to be a cross between the spouse of the entertainer as well as Chris Rock in history. In several conversations, Jada admitted to having an affair with another person. What was she cooking? Let’s go through it together.

Who Did Will Smith Wife Cheat With?

Will as well as Jada were married happily with two children, a 22-year-old son as well as a 19-year-old daughter. However, as with every union, there were ups and downs throughout their lives and this led to the public to begin spreading rumors regarding Jada’s relationship with a different person.

In these difficult circumstances, the couple decided to split up to give time to settle things. However, during this time there was a rumor that Jada was in a romance to Chris Rock. Unfortunately, this false claim resulted in tensions that erupted between Will as well as Chris.

The situations can cause people to think, “Who did Will Smith Wife Cheat With. While the couple was dealing with difficulties, Jada Pinkett Smith acknowledged she was in an affair with singer August Alsina. It wasn’t an affair, but it was a chance to escape life for Jada.

What’s the Situation Now?

The couple hasn’t been in a relationship, but they have an intense connection of trust and respect. Jada was only asking Will to take actions that were beneficial for his best interests. In the end, Will Smith is still resentful over his split and considers this a failure to him.

Will’s rude slap at Chris Rock on a tasteless joke about Jada is proof of a lie within who did Will Smith Wife Cheat Withnews and Will’s eternal devotion to his wife.

Why is this Trending Right Now?

This story is in the news due to what transpired during the Oscar awards ceremony. Due to rivalries from the past, Will Smith allegedly slapped American comedian actor, director, and filmmaker Chris Rock. This all happened at Oscars 2022 following Chris’s bizarre joke about Jada Smith.


As a final conclusion the only explanation for Jada Smith’s affair could have August Alsina as the cause. This is due to the fact that Jada herself admitted to this fact while things started to get heated with her husband Will. However, the accusations concerning Chris Rock are entirely false.

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