Petbotlex July 2022 Review Is The Online Portal Legit?


The review article Petbotlex Review contains specific information on the brand’s authenticity along with details on the technical aspects.

Are you someone who enjoys wearing casual dresses all day long? Do you have a T-shirt as your go-to clothes? Are you willing to give a go to a brand eco-friendly T-shirt? Today, eco-friendly items are becoming more fashionable and well-known across America. United States.

We are all concerned about our environment, therefore to satisfy the environmental requirements petbotlex is launching new dress items. This is why, in this article, we’ll review our Petbotlex review.

The petbotlex store

The shop is a guarantee for quality T-Shirts because all of the items have been subjected to the highest quality screen printing and production processes. They also use Ring and Spun Cotton and Athletic – Heather Cotton to ensure that their T-Shirts will be more comfortably to wear. In the process of manufacturing, they do not make use of embellishment products, which means that their products will last a long shelf time. The most important aspect is that petbotlex T-Shirts are sustainable.

Petbotlex products include,

  • Unisex Player Green T-Shirt
  • The Athletic Heather Imagination T-Shirt
  • White T-Shirt From The Video Game Club
  • Yellow T-shirt with the words “Remain Calm.”


Is Petbotlex Legit? The clients might ask this concern prior to purchasing products on the petbotlex website. To be able to answer the question and clear up any doubts we must look into the specifications they provide thoroughly.

  • People can purchase at:
  • E-Mail address:
  • Contact Address: 250 Palm Coast Parkway Northeast, Palm Coast, Florida 32137, United States
  • Number of phone: +1 659-210-3953
  • Social media activities: they provided information regarding their accounts on social media via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest however, the links aren’t open. Therefore, their social media accounts have not been verified.
  • Originality of content:half of their content is original the content is unique
  • Review by customers Petbotlex Review isn’t available on the website.
  • Security policy for privacy They have signed an extensive privacy policy and Shopify is the authority behind their policy.
  • Policy on Returns: clients can request to return the purchase in 14 days from purchase
  • The policy on refunds: When customers are able to return their eligible products within 14 days from purchase, they will receive the full amount back.
  • The shipping policy is There are no charges to ship all purchases, however the purchasers must pay taxes for customs and delivery times comprise handling and transit time and can range from seven to fifteen days.
  • Payment options: PayPal option is accessible

Petbotlex Review is unavailable The petbotlex website did not provide specific information, which means it is in need of further analysis.

Points Positives

  • They’re selling eco-friendly clothing which have a significant positive impact on the planet.
  • The costs of T-Shirts are very affordable.
  • Each shirt is equipped with product information.
  • All orders are eligible to receive free delivery.

Points Negative

  • The website of petbotlex sells four items.
  • Customer reviews aren’t visible even for these four products.
  • It’s not clear if the “about us” section is absent, which means we don’t be aware of the specifics of this brand.
  • There were no offers announced.

Evaluation of the credibility

Is Petbotlex Legit or Not? It is essential to find out whether these websites are legitimate since nowadays, hackers are everywhere in the air, which is why it is essential for individuals to be vigilant. The next section can help people to be aware of the genuine authenticity of Petbotlex brand.

  • Domain Age: this website was built on June 16, 2022 thus the time of its existence is less than a month
  • Domain expiration date The website is scheduled to expire on the 16th of June 2023.
  • The Registrar’s nameis: Domain was registered under the name 123-Registration Limited
  • Score of trust on the site: they have scored an extremely low score of 2.2%.
  • Review by customers Petbotlex Review is not available on their website or on the their website.
  • Score of SEO on the site Score: 42/100
  • Alexa global rank: 8305203
  • Plagiarism percent Their content is plagiarized at 50 and their content is 50% original
  • Name of the company: the company name is not disclosed for privacy reasons.

Customer Reviews

Reviews and ratings from customers are not available on their website. They only sell 4 products, and we could not find any evidence of buyers buying their products. They’ve made mention of the existence of their social accounts but neither their account nor reviews are up. The website appears to not be legitimate. For more information, check out the helpful credit Card Scams article.


So, the post Petbotlex Review provides essential information regarding the site and the products it sells. The petbotlex website does not seem to be a legit one, since it offers only four items.

Even if it’s an entirely new site there is no way to begin an enterprise by selling four t-shirts. they’ve accumulated low trust ratings as well as fraudulently logged on to their accounts and so on. So, the petbotlex site failed to establish its legitimacy. For more information about the HTML1 eco-friendly dresses, click clothes.

Are you finding this article useful? Tell us about your favorite clothes to wear in the comments section. The readers may also want to find out on this PayPal fraudarticle.