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This article regarding Pidge Wordle will provide readers with information about the solution to the wordle of today. Continue reading and discover the right answer.

Do you enjoy playing wordle? Are you looking for the solution to today’s question? Wordle is a game that can be played online that requires players to figure out the answer using clues provided. Wordle was developed by Welsh Software Engineer Josh Wardle. Wordle is currently trending across Australia due to the latest version of wordle, which was a bit confusing for users to make up their minds.

Follow this article at the Pidge wordle to find out more about the solution to the 23rd July’s wordle puzzle.

Confusing Wordle

Wordle offers its users the opportunity to try their hand at guessing the word using the aid of a set of clues. On the 23rd of July 2022, the wordle revealed the word puzzle, which proved to be quite difficult for players. The confusion caused the players to research the solution to today’s wordle. A lot of people came up with different random guesses However, the most commonly used answer was Pidge as the solution to the 23rd July’s wordle.

After having guessed Pidge as a possible answer many people online would like to be aware of What is Pidge an actual word? In answer to that question, the solution is yes. It is true that Pidge is one of the words. But, during our study we found that Pidge isn’t the right word to today’s wordle.

Answer to today’s wordle

The wordle for the 23rd of July offered the following three clues:

  • The word has two vowels in the fifth and second positions.
  • The third word in five-letter words is D.
  • The term typically refers to insects.

In looking over these clues numerous people have concluded that the answer was Pidge. It is not true, because after a thorough study, it’s found the pidge description suggests that it’s an expression used to describe the personal assistant. What’s the answer to the wordle of today? So, without further delay, we discover the answer in today’s wordle. The word that meets the criteria for the hints given above was Midge. As you can observe that the words Pidge and Midge Pidge and Midge comprise vowels in 5 and 2 positions as well as the middle, which is the 3rd letter in the alphabet. Because of this, many were puzzled by today’s answer. Only Midge is the most prominent third clue. Therefore,” MIDGE” is an answer to”the wordle” (23 July 2022)

Pidge Wordle

Wordle is among the most talked about games of the past few years. Wordle allows players to exercise their brains by asking challenging questions. One such question was asked on July 23, 2022. Many players were fooled by hint provided and chose the correct answer as Pidge rather than Midge.


This article discusses the recent confusion that has occurred in the game of wordle. We also provide the solution to the wordle of today. We also explained the reasons Pidge isn’t the answer to the wordle of today.

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