Pilotcable June 2022 Reviews Is This A Trusted Site Or Scam?


This article about Pilotcable Reviews provides complete details about the company’s products and credibility. Read our article to learn more.

Do you love buying footwear on the internet? Are you in search of trendy women’s shoes? This could be the site you’ve been in mind. It is focused on the distinctiveness in its offerings. The web site was designed within America. United States.

Today , in the present Pilotcable Reviews, we will provide every detail about the site as well as the items it works with, as well as further details about the credibility of the website. For more details, read this blog.

What is Pilotcable.com?

It’s a truly unique shopping site that combines fashion with uniqueness. This site is specifically designed for women. It offers a broad selection of the most fashionable and fashionable shoes for women, such as Sandals and slippers, among others. Additionally, they offer discounts on every pair of shoes. The quality of their shoes is exceptional and is available in a variety of styles and colors. Yet, people would like to be aware of What is pilotcable Legit? to know the credibility of the website.

The following points to concentrate on:

  • The Site’s URL:Pilotcable.com
  • The Site was developed on 06/04/2022
  • The expiry date of the webpage is06/04/2023
  • Email account: service@pilotcable.com
  • Web portal The site has not provided any details about its geographical location.
  • The contact number for the company The website hasn’t provided any information about its telephone number.
  • Information about the web-founder The web-founder’s details are not available on its webpage. the web-founder’s identity is available on its website.
  • Delivery Time:The website delivers orders within 7 to 12 business days.
  • Services of free Delivery:The web portal offers free delivery on orders of more than $45.
  • Standard delivery information:According to Pilotcable Reviews the website does not provide any details about the typical delivery schedule of its product.
  • Social accounts on platforms:The website is present on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.
  • Customs duties:The customer has to pay customs duties.
  • Time for Return of Order The website provides 30 days for return for every order.
  • Modalities for Payment Payments: Visa, Master Card, Paypal, etc.

Benefits of Pilotcable.com:

  • It features various logos from social networks on its website.
  • It has also shared its email address with customer service.
  • It provides a variety of ways to payment to ensure customer comfort.

Limitations of Pilotcable.com:

  • The company has not yet provided its customer service.
  • It does not give any information about the location of its office that is necessary.

Is Pilotcable Legit or Scam Web-portal?

The website offers a vast assortment of stylish footwear, however, because it sells all of its items on the internet, buyers want to verify the legitimacy of the site. These points can help you determine the credibility of the website:

  • Introduction to the websiteThe Website was first launched on the 06/04/2022.
  • Call information: The website has no details regarding its number.
  • Social Media Platforms The HTML0 platform is available on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.
  • Trust Index:The website has a terrible trust index of only 22 percent.
  • Discount rate:The website offers a an affordable discount on each product.
  • address of Office:According to Pilotcable Reviews, the website does not provide any specific information regarding its address.
  • Terms and Conditions: The website has distinct page for the terms and conditions.
  • Copying Rate:No data about its copied content is available.
  • Global Alexa Ranking:The web portal has received the number 2845453 in globally Alexa ranking.
  • refundsRefunds instantly transfer to the buyer’s payment mode.
  • Charges for return:Buyers have to pay the cost of returning the item.
  • Non-refundable orders There is no information about non-refundable products is available.
  • Methods to cancel Order:Orders, once shipped are not refundable.
  • Exchange ItemsIt allows exchange for each order.

Pilotcable Reviews:

The site doesn’t have any reviews from customers about its products. Additionally, even though the Site features a variety of logos and logos of social Sites The website’s Alexa ranking is at the level of 2845453 which raises questions about the credibility of the website and its credibility. The buyer must be aware ofthe following: everything you need to Be aware of about the Paypal scam

The Closing Statement:

The web site isn’t well-experienced on this web-based platform. Customers aren’t relying on web-based products. The site has a poor credibility index although it has a social media accounts however, it doesn’t provide any customer reviews for its products according to Pilotcable reviews.

The web site is a fraud, and our advice to every consumer is to be cautious on a website like this. In addition, the purchaser should be aware of Everything You Need to Be Aware of about credit Card Fraud

Have you ever been a victim of a Credit Card Scam? Do you have any tips.