Proof BTS Photocards The Latest June Album Dropped!


This article The Proof BTS Photoscards contains information about their latest album and also details about the photo cards of K-pop.

Are you the one who posts every BTS blog with a heart-shaped purple love note? Are you waiting to hear the new album? In just a couple of hours, BTS’s new track had made it into the upper echelons of streaming audio services in countries like United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, India. This is the link to the article proof BTS Photocards for the most ardent BTS K-pop enthusiasts.


The term “photocard” refers to that the card will feature the image of an idol. However, the picture will be a brand new one, and is not available from any other form than photocards. Kpop music producers began this practice of selling celebrities’ photocards in conjunction with music albums.

Now , the world-renowned BTS music group has released their latest album of anthologies, “Proof.” While purchasing the album, fans will receive proof photocards as freebies.

Two 8.5cm and 5.5cm cards will be given away together with the album of music.

  • Fotocard A gets randomly selected out of eight
  • Fotocard B is randomly selected from 7.

BTS Proof Tracklist

The album was released on three CDs on June 10 2022.

  • The track list on the CD1: Bornsinger , No More Dream , N.O , Boy In Luv , Danger , Ineed U , Run , Fire, Blood Sweatandtears , Spring Day , DNA, Fake Love , Idol, Boywithluv , On , Dynamite , LifeGoesOn , Butter , YetToCome
  • CD 2: Run BTS, IntroPersona, Stay, Moon, Jamaisvu, Trivia, BTSCipherPart3, Outroego, Her, Filter, Friends, Singularity, Zero, Euphoria, Dimple
  • CD3: Jump, Aemehansai, BoyInLuv, Ttaompyo, INeedu, BoyzWithFun, TonyMontana, YoungForever, SpringDay, DNA, Epiphany, Seesaw, StillWithYou, ForYouth


The Proof BTS Photocards are among the top Google searches due to the fact that the BTS Proof album came out today, and fans are waiting eagerly to purchase the album and the photocards. The album is a celebration of the nine-year BTS music journey, releasing the last nine years of music as an anthology collection.

The preorders of the album and the freebie photocards began May 5 at 11 KST. The preorders are available using the app we-verse. However, the album is currently made available via online music streaming services. The photocards and CDs can be purchased through Amazon, Ubuy, etc.

Details about the album

Cost of BTS Proof Photographic Cards will be included to the album proof. Fans can purchase those cards with the purchase of the album.

  • For all BTS fans the album is available in two versions.
  • The price for the standard edition is around $51.
  • Edition Proof costs around 68.93 dollars.
  • It is released in the United States in,
  • The small edition retails for $20.90.
  • The Standard version costs $65.90.

The proof album includes three CDs, photos and photocards (a and B) epilogue lyrics, postcards, posters, the outer box along with proofs of art.


According to The report proof BTS Photocards gave information about the BTS album is currently trending on every streaming service. The band began their musical journey officially in 2013, and they chose to commemorate their musical achievements for nine years.

They were subject to a lot of discrimination and criticism in their early years However, the world acknowledges their talents since hard work pays off. For more details.

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