Quntis Illumination light for Piano. A Must Read!


Ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t see the notes on sheet music or the keys, especially if the lighting is poor? Poor lighting conditions can have a negative impact on your health. An appropriate quntis lighting light for piano will enable you to concentrate on your performance and not have to squint at the illegible music. It will also relieve your eye fatigue.

Quntis Piano lamp offers many benefits. It allows you to play Piano with no hiccups and enhances your performance. This lamp can also help with eye fatigue. This product can be purchased on a variety of online shopping portals. You can get this product if you want to improve your piano performance and avoid the insufficient lighting problem.

This product can reduce your eye fatigue when you play Piano at night. Below are more details.

Information on Quntis Pian Lamp:

This is quite a unique product. This lamp is made for piano lovers. This lamp was designed to ease eye fatigue when playing piano in dim lighting. This product offers a different experience, providing better lighting and care for your eyes. These lamps are designed in an asymmetrical way and provide sufficient light without glare. The LED lamp’s quality is excellent and provides outstanding service. These lamps are able to illuminate only the keys of the piano and the music sheet, allowing the pianist to concentrate fully.

Quntis 23.6″ musician lamp head has a 55″ wide range of illumination (wider than other LED desk lamps). This is enough to illuminate all keys on the piano, and also provides the perfect light for sheet music. The lamp light is also designed to balance out the light brightness and prevent the emission of blue light. The lamp light provides steady illumination and can be adjusted to 1040 Lux. It has a sensor that adjusts the brightness of the light based on the ambient light. After turning off the light sensor, you can adjust the brightness manually using buttons.

Quntis desk lamp adopts a dual-axis design. The swing arm can be adjusted 90 degrees and extend to 14 inches. This allows for multi-directional lighting. It also has a swinging arm that can rotate in multiple directions. It also has a timer. These features allow you to turn the light off automatically after 2 hours, which can improve your eyesight. Because the lamp is on dual-axis, it can be adjusted in height.

The lamp’s base is made of rubber and prevents it from getting slipped. The base can be tilted to approximately 10 degrees by the user.

Featuring Quntis LED Piano Lamp:

  • Product Name: Quntis Piano lamp.
  • About the brand: This product’s brand is Quntis.
  • Product Complexion:Black
  • The item’s weight is9.43 lbs.
  • Product Style: Modern.
  • Batteries: No batteries.
  • Quantity:56+56=112pcs
  • Product price: $129
  • Product Dimension 25.8×9.7×6.5 inches
  • Product Material:Aluminium alloy, PC + ABS.
  • The product’s wattage is12 Watts.
  • CCT Range3000K-6500K
  • Product Length:23.6 inches
  • Source Light:LED.
  • Style of Switching:Touch.
  • The product’s voltage:DC 12V – 0.8A (USB Type C)
  • Product direction: Multi direction light.
  • Theme: Music, Modern.
  • Method Of Control:Touch.
  • Lamp direction: Adjustable.
  • Discount Rate:10% SEXYSDJN Expiry Date: 04.08.2025
  • Source of Power:Corded Electric.
  • Charging port: USB port.

The Quntis Piano Lamp:

  • You can adjust the direction of its light and tilt it in any direction.
  • The lamp has a sensor to adjust the brightness and an auto-dimming feature.
  • It has a life expectancy of over 20000 hours.
  • It has a USB charging port and a power adapter.
  • It is designed in an asymmetrical way to reduce glare.
  • It has an Anti-blue light function, which provides a pleasant experience without eye fatigue.
  • Timer mode: Turns off the light after two hours.
  • You can operate four smart touch buttons manually.

Is Quntis Piano Lamp a reliable product?

This innovative, versatile piano lamp offers valuable service. You can find this Quntis product on many online shopping websites. The lamp is packed with innovative features and provides a comfortable light that enhances the user’s Piano performance. Click on this to continue your Piano practice at night without interruption (https://www.quntis.com/). Customers have many positive comments about the product. Most of them give 5-star ratings online.


The piano lamp is affordable and has many amazing features that you will not be able to understand until you use it. Quntis Piano Lamp is a great option if you have difficulty playing your piano in dim lighting.