Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling To Lose Weight


If you have put yourself on a diet and you are struggling to lose weight it is devastating. You may have even tried a weight loss clinic.  It can make you feel like quitting and going back to your old ways. There may be many reasons why you might be struggling to lose that weight and here we are going to look at some of the most common and present you with a solution that will help you lose weight. 

A common mistake when dieting:

One common mistake that people make when considering dieting or going on a diet is that losing weight is going to be easy. It is not. 

Dieting is not quite as simple as eating less and getting more exercise and watching the pounds drop away. Never, ever, start a diet thinking that you are going to shed those pounds easily and then remain at your ideal weight. It is going to take a lot of willpower and determination, not to mention hard work. However, don’t let this put you off, nothing worthwhile comes easy and you can lose that weight and it is possible to keep it off once you realise it will take work and a little help. 

 There are no such things as treat days:

One of the most common reasons why people fail to continue losing weight is they believe they can have treat days. 

You are strict with your diet all week long so when the weekends come around you might think you can relax your diet. This is not so. When you are on a diet there are no weekends, every day is diet day. If you overeat or gorge on the wrong foods at the weekends, you are not going to lose weight and in fact, could put some weight back on; ruining all the hard work you did. 

The same applies when celebratory days come around, birthdays, anniversaries, a wedding or such. If you add up all the weekends and celebratory days in a year, those treat days soon add up. 

Overestimation of burnt calories:

Another easy mistake to make is to overestimate the number of calories you burn in a day. Exercise is one of the key factors to losing weight but this has to be weighed up against the amount of time you are sedentary and what you eat. 

It can be easy to say; well I went for a 30-minute walk and burnt off X amount of calories. Do you know how many calories you actually burnt doing exercise each day or are you just guessing? You might think you burned off 800 calories but it might have only been 500 or so. 

Also bear in mind that if you shed off 300 calories during exercise, it doesn’t mean you can eat an additional 300 calories. Eat back the calories you think you have burned and you are not going to lose weight. 

Cheating on calories:

You might be on a calorie-controlled diet, looking at the package or weighing food and then jotting down the calories. As a rough example, you might be on a 1,200 calorie controlled diet. This means if you stick to it, you should lose weight each week.

However, if you are not losing weight you might be cheating on the number of calories you eat per day, either knowingly or by accident. 

For instance, you might have a cup of coffee with zero calories. However, you then add in milk and sugar and this does add on calories. Even more so if you have a large coffee or you have a Cappuccino. 

You might have a bit of cheese to nibble on in the afternoon but forget to add it on; after all, it’s only a tiny piece. It still has calories in it and even the smallest number of calories can add up during the day if you fail to jot them down. This can soon lead to you failing to lose weight and losing interest in your diet. 

Keep off the scales:

When on a diet and wanting to lose weight it can be tempting to keep jumping on the scales. 

You jump out of bed in the morning and head to the bathroom hoping to see the numbers moving down closer to your ideal weight only to be disappointed when it hasn’t. Worse still it may have moved higher than it was yesterday. There is nothing more disappointing and frustrating. 

Weight loss is slow and you are not going to show a weight loss every day. Only weigh yourself once a week at the most, on the same day and roughly the same time, preferably without clothes. 

You’re not drinking enough water:

Are you drinking enough water? Water is essential for keeping hydrated but it is also a valuable source when on a diet due to the fact it doesn’t contain any calories. Yes, you can remain healthy and quench your thirst at the same time, without calorie cost. 

Water helps you to feel fuller, so try drinking a glass before you eat. It is a great substitute for unhealthy and calorie laden fizzy drinks with added sugar. 

A better way to lose weight and keep it off:

There is a better way to lose weight and keep it off and this is with the help of a weight loss clinic. We realise that everyone is different and no one diet fits all. 

When on a diet plan backed by a weight loss clinic you take out all the guesswork and start on a plan tailored for you to lose weight. 

A weight loss clinic puts together a carefully curated program using a combination of medical expertise, prescribed solutions and psychological support along with a diet and exercise plan. This means you have all the tools you need to ensure you lose that weight and maintain your ideal weight with long-term change and a healthier diet. 

We know how difficult it can be to lose weight on your own by sticking to a diet that is too restrictive. This is why we tailor your plan to suit you to stop you from losing willpower and becoming disillusioned. 

Contact us here at Hans Place to find out how we can help you reach your goal and maintain that goal.