Rodney Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Discover More On His Case!


Rodney Diary the The Wimpy Kid, Supernatural, and other actors in tv shows are currently undergoing court hearings. Let’s find out what’s going on.

Have you seen Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Do you remember the child actor Rodney James? Ryan Grantham plays the character. Actors, Grantham played parts in a variety of tv-shows and movies. People across his native PhilippinesCanadaSingapore as well as Singapore and the United States adore his work.

The actor, however, has been found guilty of a crime and has pleaded guilty to the murder of his mother. Are you curious to learn what’s going on? If so, keep by reading our post Rodney diaries of A Wimpy Kidfor additional details.

What’s the most up-to-date information?

The trial of Ryan Grantham is going on. Ryan Grantham was initially accused of first-degree murder in March 2020 , for the murder of his mother. He is currently in prison. In March 2022, however the accused was charged with second-degree murder after further investigation.

The court hearing is currently ongoing and the court heard reports informing that Ryan is in an escalating downward spiral of depression and mental health. His health issues with cerebral chemistry can lead to suicidal and even homocidal thoughts.

The lawyer for the defendant wants 12 years of parole, while the prosecution wants an additional five or six years.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Actor Killed Mother Barbara:

According to internet sources, Grantham is 24 years old. He is a Canadian actor, who is charged with killing his the mother of 64, Barbara Waite. The incident happened the 31st of March, in 2020 the day Barbara was playing the piano, then Ryan fired a gun at her head in the back.

After the murder of his mother, following the day, he was armed with three guns, 12 Molotov and more for his next task. But, his thoughts changed midway through and he walked towards the police headquarters to be surrendered.

A court hearing revealed that he had planned the murder and recorded an audio. In one video clip the man showed his mother’s corpse.

Journal of a Wimpy Kid actor Murdered Momonce showed he could be sentenced to life in prison. The prosecutors want the parole period to be 17-18 years instead. Be aware that all information is based on the internet, and we’re not blameless for anyone.

A portion of the work of an actor:

Ryan made his debut in the world of film at age nine in the movie The Secret of the Nutcracker as Billy. Since then, he’s been in numerous miniseries and films. His work includes Todd on the episode of 2008 Supernatural episode Wishful Thinking, as well as an a Hunter boy in the 2015 Out from darkness and into the flame episode. Tommy in the show Considering Love, and many more. Rodney The Diary of Wimpy Kid2010.

His most recent work on Riverdale (2019) where He played Jeffery Augustine, continues to be running. The 2011 series Liz, 2012 Becoming Redwood, Liz and 2012 Becoming Redwood along with 2015 Perfect high are also in the pipeline of the actors.

He is awarded:

Ryan was awarded an award at the Vancouver Short Film Festival award for the best male performer in 2012 for his performance in 2011. Ryan also received the Young Artist Award for his performances in short films in 2012. He also has five nominations for awards to his name.


The hearing in the court on Ryan’s case began on 13th, 2022. His lawyer must say that what he did is due to his brain health. The prosecutor says Rodney Diary the Wimpy Kidactor does not have a reason to be worried about his mother, as she was a great mother. The Wiki about Ryan Grantham here.

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