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Are you planning to purchase an electronic shovel on the internet in United States and Canada? Are you looking for an extremely powerful shovel that can dig three times more quickly? Are you in search of safety features to make sure the motor of the shovel lasts for a long time? Do you want the safety feature that protects the user from kickback? sells a Handheld Electric Shovel with such features. Do you want to verify the authenticity of this product through Rotoshovel Review?

Brief: was a commercial site that sells Electric Handheld Shovel. Rotoshovel Shovel can dig 3 inches wide and 7 deep holes. Rotoshovel Shovel is a great tool to do your own gardening, and plant flowers and vegetables, small shrubs and more., (or) for installation of mailbox posts, bulbs real estate signs, fence posts, etc. included the following products it featured on their website:

  1. Automatic Handheld Shovel With Auger
  2. 1x Person Electric Earth Auger With Shovel
  3. Rotoshovel Battery
  4. Rotoshovel Max Battery

Rotoshovel Shovel has a safety lock and auger to ensure the safety of the users and to guard the motor. It can drill for up to two hours and take two hours to be fully charged.

Features determining Is Rotoshovel Legit:

  • Buy Handheld Electric Shovel at:
  • Social Media URLs:unspecified at
  • Pricing:starts from Rs39.99 to $399.99.
  • Physical Address:unspecified at
  • reviews and Blogs:only customer reviews are provided by
  • General Terms and Conditionsmentioned purchase of plagiarized content on
  • privacy policy Privacy policy for HTML0:mentioned purchase plagiarized content on
  • Telephone (or) WhatsApp phone numberonly the contact phone number given in the form of (317)360-7686 at
  • store does not include the address of local stores.
  • Shipping Policydelivery timings are not listed on
  • Shipping takes three days of processing time. Taxes and shipping fees are calculated at payment. The delivery of orders is to North America.
  • Rotoshovel Review for Trackingpossible via a website of a different company with a tracking code that is sent to you by
  • Cancellation Policy:The cancellation policy is not specified on
  • Refund offers 30 days of make a return Handheld Electric Shovel.
  • Returns policy: unspecified at
  • email
  • Mode of Payment:in USD via Shop Pay, G Pay, and PayPal.
  • Help and FAQ:specified on
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  • has a shovel which can dig three times more quickly
  • A simple and user-friendly interface for
  • gives a one-year guarantee
  • provides a 30 day money-back promise


  • Free shipping as mentioned on the homepage is not in accordance with the shipping policy as discovered in Rotoshovel Reviews.
  • Pay with credit card only.
  • The time frame for delivery, the refund policy The time frame for delivery, refund policy, etc. They aren’t mentioned on

Is Legit?

  • Creation: 17th November 2018 at 13:59:28.
  • Age: three years, four months, and 24 days old.
  • latest update18th December 2021 13:31:10.
  • Expiry: 17th November 2024 at 13:59:28.
  • life is expected to lasttwo years seven months, two years as well as six consecutive days.
  • Trust Index: had a high rating of trust, 86 percent.
  • Business achieved a 100 percent business ranking.
  • Source of was registered in the USA.
  • The status of blacklisting was not blacklisted.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 9/100.
  • Rotoshovel reviews regarding Connection SecurityHTTPS Protocol is utilized by
  • SSL StatusSSL certifies are not available for IP
  • Contact Person:unspecified at
  • Social relationships: is present on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as Instagram having 1072 fans.
  • Contact and identity of the uses internet censorship services provided by Domains By Proxy LLC to keep these details hidden.

Customers Reviews:

6 customers who used Facebook have rated as 3.7/5 stars, while 9 Google reviews were rated with 4.6/5 stars. 106 buyers on gave Shovel 4.3/5 stars and customers who reviewed it on uBuy have rated it as 4/5 stars. It is also possible to investigate is Rotoshovel legit?

About 11% of the negative reviews focused on poor battery power, poor on soil in the yard as well as being difficult to keep the Shovel in place during drilling, and does not function after a couple of uses.

Nineteen reviews of products on are favorable and have rated higher than 4.2/5 stars. Thus, reviews on are not reliable.

Three YouTube reviews and more than 30 website reviews for suggests that it’s possibly a legitimate site and product. is a shady Alexa rating of just 3,138,382. This means that you should Learn more the article about PayPal Rackets PayPal Racketsas is a PayPal merchant and accepts PayPal payments.

Conclusion: is online for more than 3 years and has an extended time. Rotoshovel reviews Rotoshovel Reviewsconcludes the following: is genuine. has achieved a good trust ratings in addition to a good Business Ranking. Customers were pleased with the delivery of Shovel and left positive reviews suggesting that Shovel is a great choice for soil of the garden.

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