Ruins Greatsword Ring Insights On The Colossal Sword!


This post discusses Ruins Greatsword Ring, and explains other details and how you can find it.

The internet has made it possible to access many games online. The internet has made it easy for players to browse the many games available online and test their skills. Elden Ring is a role-playing adventure and action game that has caught the eye of players worldwide.

Many perks and features are offered to players in this area. The Ruins Greatsword Ring is one such feature that helps to add additional magical damage.

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What’s Elden Ring?

Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R Martin lead an RPG, or role-playing games. It is Available and can be played from the third-person perspective. It also offers a unique ground for exploration as well as exciting combat sequences.

The players will be exploring the lands between Elden Ring. This includes its six main regions, fortresses and castles, as well as the catacombs. We will be discussing Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword Builder and its unique features in the next section.

More Information About The Greatsword Ring

  • The Greatsword Ruins are one of the ten Legendary Armaments in the game.
  • This is how the weapon can help players build their strength and sustain them in the game.
  • The ring is only available to those who defeat the Starscourge Radahn in the middle-game.
  • It is also considered a difficult task because the whole thing is challenging for players to do.
  • You must defeat Radahn, the Starscourge Starscourge, and convince Jerren the Witch Hunter to return to Redmane Castle.

Ruins Greatsword Ring A Guide To Finding It

After speaking with Jerren, you must exhaust him and then reload your area. You must then defeat the two bosses at the plaza: the Misbegotten Warrior, the Crucible Knight, and use a shield-wielding and sword.

After eliminating them both, the winner will receive the Ruins Greatsword.

Perks of The Sword

It is extremely damaging when it comes in close proximity to the gravity range and with a quick windup. You will also need the following for Elden RingRuins Greatsword Builder:

  • 50 points for one-handed build and 34 points each for two-hand builds
  • 16 Intelligence to wield the sword
  • To be able to carry out the tasks of heavy armour and a complete combo, you will need very strong endurance.

Final Conclusion

The Ruins Greatsword’s Colossal Sword is a well-known moveset. It provides powerful arcs for lighter attacks, and a forward hammer for more heavy ones. To obtain the sword, the player must perform various activities and defeat both bosses at their boss gate.

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