Sandals Deaths May 2022 All About The Incident At Resort!


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Are you aware about the death incidents at Sandlas resort in Nicaragua? This is the most recent news from the United States, and Canada. In the last few hours, top news research has focused on this topic. For the three deaths at the resort, investigations continue.

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Details about the death at Sandals resort

On May 6, three deaths were reported, the victims being three Americans. They were at Great Exuma Island’s resort. Michael Phillips (68), Robbie Phillips (65), and Vincent Chiarella (64).

Vincent’s wife Donnis is in a better state at Miami Hospital. Investigators are still investigating the mysterious death of Vincent’s wife, Donnis. You can read more about this incident by clicking the link below!

Sandals Bahamas Deaths 2022

Birmingham native and Florida resident, John was found to be cold just before his death. According to the research, there were signs that he was sick. He also reported feeling sick that night. Chiarella’s spouse, Donnis, also reported seizures and spasms. Sources claim that the three couples celebrated their anniversary at the property.

Robbie and Michael Philips also passed away and were found to be celebrating their anniversary. The state’s Prime Minister said that their deaths were very uncertain and would not have any impact on tourism.

Sandals Deaths 2022

Paul Rolle, police commissioner, stated that RBPF had been present along with the forensic investigation team. The laboratory in Philadelphia is receiving the reports. Pennsylvania will accelerate the results. Pennsylvania will accelerate the results. Although the couple was in separate resorts, they celebrated the same purpose on May 6.

The number of tourists has declined as a result of the incident. Two places of celebration are now under suspicion. One strange question has been raised about the incident at Sandals Resorts, which resulted in three deaths and one serious injury.

What is the News Trending in?

This incident took place at Sandals Resorts, which is a well-known resort with 5-star amenities. Families of the victims are still in shock from the incident. The United States people are not aware of the facts or the cause of the deaths. This topic is a popular topic of discussion.


To determine the cause of the deaths at the resort, investigations are underway. Sandals Deaths2022 has been a puzzle to both the state officials and the public. The family has chosen to not participate in the second autopsy.

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