Skullace 2022 Reviews Know The Legitimacy Of The Site Here


Read the article below to confirm the legitimacy of the brand new website by reading Skullace Reviews. Skullace Review.

Are you a shopping lover? Do you enjoy shopping for various occasions and aspects? Then, you’ve probably been aware of the website called The platform provides a variety of amazing discounts to its customers using its official website.

Many people from all over the world including France as well as The United Kingdom, and the United States , are looking to verify the authenticity of the website before making a purchase.

So, we’ve reviewed various review platforms for websites and came to a conclusion by analysing the legitimacy of each one by using Skullace Review.

Let’s start by giving an overview of this site.


This is an online platform for shopping that is primarily focused on selling a wide range of clothes specifically for men. According to their site’s official web page, they state that they sell fashion by independent designers.

They also state that their products they sell are authentic and of top quality. The current deal that is available on their website is as follows:

  • Shop for USD 99, and get off for USD 12.
  • Shop for USD 169, and get off for USD 20.
  • Shop for USD 269, and get off for USD 40.

The offers mentioned above are impressive however they appear a bit suspect with doubts: Is Skullace Legit! Let’s now examine some specifics to confirm their legitimacy.


  • Domain Name –
  • Domain URL –
  • Contact number Contact number HTML0not located on official website.
  • Email ID –
  • Product’s Cost –USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD
  • Physical address Physical addressnot found in the platform’s official documentation.
  • Privacy PolicyAs as per the official guidelines of their platform, they share the data of their customers to their partner websites.
  • Delivery and shipping Delivery and shippingdue to the increasing number of COVID cases, they are unable to give an exact time , however they will send an email with the tracking number once the item is delivered.
  • Return Policy The policy iswithin 14 days, subject to conditions and terms. Additionally, the shipping cost must be paid by the customer when he returns the product without fault to the product.
  • Social Media Page –While searching for Skullace reviews , we are unable to find any of the social media websites.
  • Sorting and Filtering –Yes is available.
  • Free Shipping Conditions -providing free shipping to all countries in excess of USD 129.99.
  • Let’s look at some pros and cons in order to judge the trustworthiness of the website. .

Pointers to positives

  • The product information is presented in a specific way.
  • Every product can be purchased in a variety of sizes.
  • Amazing discounts and eye-catching offers.
  • Discovered HTTPS identified.
  • It is easy to sort products according to both currency and the type.

Pointers that are negative

  • Domain owner’s details found hidden.
  • Portal launched just recently (less than six months).
  • Domain’s life expectancy was deemed very low.
  • Domain name discovered to be in connection to countries that are fraudulent.

Is Skullace Legit

The above information will have eliminated your biggest doubts regarding the authenticity of the website, however nevertheless, if you’re considering investing in a company. Read the following sections before making an investment.

  • Age of Domain – Domain age was found to be very recent under 6-months (i.e. the 2nd of February in 2022).
  • Domain Expiry Date: Less than one year left until expiration date, i.e., 2nd February 2023.
  • Trust Index – it is located below 50 percent, i.e., 47.4 percent, which is not a positive indicator.
  • Trust score – it’s only found at one percent this is a rather low score.
  • Review of Skullace – there are no reviews from customers available on the official website and not on any reputable site that reviews portals.
  • Social Media Connectivity Following our extensive research, these sites do not communicate with any social media platforms.
  • Owner’s details – This information is discovered hidden by WHOIS pay services.
  • Contact Address Authentication- No physical address information on the official website.
  • Plagiarism is evident – the content appears to be copied from sites.
  • Website Popularity: 996104 which is a very low number.
  • Phishing score found to be 28 out of 100.
  • In light of the above points the website doesn’t appear to be genuine. Let’s now look at the reviews of customers in depth.

Skullace Reviews

When we search for customer reviews, we were unable to locate any of the reviews on the official website or on reputable review sites. In addition, as component of our review there was no hyperlink for social media was found on the website. Furthermore visit this page to learn how you can claim your cash to be returned Credit Card Payments scams.

Final Wrapping

Following our extensive research on this website however, we are unable to discover the facts that verify its credibility. However all the information we’ve gathered point to its negative aspects.

Additionally, we are unable to find any Skullace reviews and, as per our conclusion we are able to say this isn’t a legitimate. Furthermore visit this page to learn how you can be protected from PayPal frauds.

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