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This guide provides information about Snopes NEW Profile Pic App to assist users in making the right decision.

Are you using the New Profile Pic App, a new application for changing your profile? The post is open to all who use the app. New Profile Pic App, a mobile app that beautifies and changes your social media profile pictures, is available.

Many users are found in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Some users and claims consider the application to be a fraud. now has a Snopes NEW Profile Pic App report. and New Profile Pic App Reports! provides fact checking online. This website does in-depth research to verify the facts and figures for different applications and portals. This website is a fact-checking site that confirms myths and misinformation and makes it easy for users to understand the facts.

Many rumors, misinformations and claims have been made about the New Profile Pic profile picture-changing application. prides itself in verifying the truth and legitimacy of these claims.’s reports proved that all claims were false and lacking evidence.

What is the Snopes New Profile Pic App?

Rumours and misinformation began to circulate soon after the application was popularized by the worldwide masses. examined the facts and reported on the growing popularity of the application. These facts are worth noting, according to’s report.

  • The New Profile Pic App claims it is enveloping are false.
  • Like other applications, the app will ask for permission.
  • Many claims that the application stole data are unsubstantiated.
  • Other applications have similar names. It is not associated with the original app, according to Snopes Profile pic App.
  • The application was developed by a company based in the British Virgin Islands and uses developers from around the globe, including Russia.
  • The claim that the application stole money from the device is unsubstantiated because there is no evidence.

These are just a few of the fact-checks.

New Profile Pic App Safe and Legit?

Before installing the app on your device, it is important to understand what Snopes NEW Profile Pic App fact checking says. We have some important information after doing fact checks at

  • There is no evidence that supports the claims and misconceptions made by users.
  • This application is not new, as it was developed and backed by Informe Laboratories Inc. Linerock Investments Ltd owns its copyrights. Already, the developer has two functional applications that have been installed in excess of 150M.
  • According to the spokesperson for the App, the app does not store any user data and it is safe to use.


You should now know what Snopes New Profil Pic App is all about. The application is supported by a well-respected developer who has also submitted two other applications. The claims of users are not supported by any evidence. You must be alert and take all precautions when using the application. Before using the application, please read the Factchecks .

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