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If you’re into reggae or dub music, then you’ve probably heard of Stick Figure. If not, you are about to. This reggae dub band is based in Southern California, but they’ve been touring all across the country for many years and through the use of social media they’ve been able to scale their following to much larger audiences, all without needing to buy more Instagram followers from online services.

As a group, they’ve released seven full-length studio albums and one instrumental album, all written by frontman Scott Woodruff. Other members of Stick Figure include KBong, Tommy Suliman, TJ O’Neill, and Kevin Offitzer — all of which can also be found on your favorite social media platforms.

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Who is Stick Figure?

If you’re a fan of reggae, dub, and alternative music, then you’ve probably wondered: “Who is Stick Figure?” This California-based dub band has been touring the country since its 2011 debut album. The band’s members include Scott Woodruff, KBong, Tommy Suliman, and TJ O’Neill. Stick Figure has released seven studio albums and one instrumental.

Their latest release, World on Fire, was released on August 30th. It is produced and written by Stick Figure’s own Chris Woodruff, who is also the owner of Great Stone Studios, the same studio used by Green Day. Stick Figure’s success has grown exponentially in recent years, and they have even sold out legendary venues and sold out several major festivals. But, how did Stick Figure achieve such high-profile success?

What Type of Music Does Stick Figure Make?

What type of music does Stick Figure make? was formed by musician Scott Woodruff in 2006. Stick Figure hails from California and has a line-up of four or five musicians. Scott Woodruff plays all instruments and records all the vocals. He also produces and mixes each song himself. Stick Figure also features a full band including Kevin “KBong” Bong on keys, Tommy Suliman on bass, and Johnny Cosmic on guitar.

The band’s latest album, “World On Fire,” was recorded at Great Stone Studios in Oakland, where Woodruff co-owns the facility. Woodruff plays all instruments and does lead vocals, and he wrote all the songs, except “Cocoa De Rock.” This song is a cover of a 1984 reggae hit by Alpha Blondy. The video premieres below.

Where Can You Follow Stick Figure on Social Media?

If you’re into indie rock, you’ll want to know where to follow Stick Figure Music on social media. Their fan base is extremely active and they’re regularly posting new music. Stick Figure’s lead singer, Scott Woodruff, recently teased fans with a snippet from their new song, “World on Fire.” It features international reggae sensation Collie Buddz, who sings lead vocals on the track.

If you’re a fan of the band’s music, you’ll want to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their music is very unique, blending roots reggae and dub into an upbeat sound that will get your feet tapping live. You’ll also want to be on their mailing list to stay up to date on their new releases. Follow Stick Figure Music on these sites today!

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Stick Figure Music has become a household name in the world of hip hop. The singer was a passionate music fan in high school and began recording albums under the Stick Figure moniker. His debut album sold tens of thousands of copies and allowed him to travel the globe. He ultimately moved to San Diego, CA to further his recording career. Stick Figure’s first album, Set in Stone, peaked at number 65 on the Billboard Top 200 and won multiple Grammy Awards, including #1 Heatseekers, #7 Independent and #1 Reggae Album. Stick Figure’s latest release, Fire & Stone, features remixes of songs from the Set in Stone album. This new album is set to be released on April 30, 2021. The single, “Stand in the Corner,” premiered on April 9 and features 100 percent new instrumentation.

Woodruff is a highly intuitive producer who crafts authentic artistry from roots-dub reggae. His songs have developed throughout the years, but his signature sound and production style remains the same. Stick Figure’s World on Fire is his finest production to date. Woodruff collaborates with fellow band member Johnny Cosmic for mixing and mastering. In concert, the band delivers a widescreen soundtrack with Woodruff’s music.

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If you love Reggae and Dub music, you might be interested in the latest releases from Stick Figure Music. The American dub band is based in Southern California, but has toured the nation to promote its music. To date, the band has released seven studio albums and one instrumental album. Each album is written and produced by frontman Scott Woodruff, and its members include KBong, Kevin Offitzer, Tommy Suliman, and TJ O’Neill.