Sun Chaser Drink May Reviews Is It A Genuine Site Or Another Scam


This review about Sun Chaser Drink Review provides a comprehensive guide to the products offered by the website and more information about the quality of their products. Check out our blog for the most recent information.

Are you unable to drink enough this summer? Do you need a refreshing beverage to ease your anxiety? This site is for you. The website we’ll be discussing today was designed by America. United States.

In this review of Sun Chaser Drink Review, we’ll concentrate on the entire details regarding their drinks and the specialties they offer via their website portal. Check out the article below.

What is

Sun chaser is a website-based marketplace that sells a variety of kinds of cold and buzz drinks that help refresh and rejuvenate your mind. Their drinks do not contain any alcohol. It is available up to 2 times per each day. The quality of their drinks are outstanding.

However, since it’s an online portal, people often ask whether sun chaser drinks legal? We have provided detailed information belowto provide you with more information about its legitimacy.

The key points are:

  • URL of the
  • Domain registration: 05/12/2019
  • Expiry date from the website: 05/12/2022
  • Contact ID:
  • Contact address: 4833 Santa Monica Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107, P.O: 7091.
  • Mobile number: 6503819505
  • No name for the web creator: The webpage does not list the name of the owner on its homepage.
  • Shipping conditions: It takes around 1-7 days to deliver the package.
  • Policy regarding free delivery: The Website does not offer free shipping on its items.
  • The Terms and Conditions for Standard Shipping:As according to Sun Chaser Drink Review The website does not provide any information about standard shipping is provided on its website.
  • The account for social media:The Website is available on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Taxes –No information about taxes is included.
  • Return policy for goods:The Website accepts returns for their goods.
  • Paying MethodsMethods of Payment Visa Master Card, Amex, etc.

Pros of

  • It provides a variety of methods to pay.
  • It has also mentioned its address , which is mandatory to create an online website.
  • It also has its own social media accounts.

Cons of

  • It does not provide free shipping on its products.
  • It doesn’t share its name as a web designer as is mandatory.

Do you think Sun Chaser Drink Legit or Scam?

The drinks and the buzz are excellent and the site offers all contact details for customer support However the question of its credibility and worthiness is raised because it’s an online shopping platform. Let’s look into its Credibility and worthiness.

  • Domain ExistenceThe Website was launched on the 12th of May, 2019, and appears to have a lot of experience in the market online.
  • The valid phone number is6503819505 It is the valid phone number.
  • Social Networking Account: The Website is accessible on Instagram as well as Facebook.
  • Trust Index:The trust score for this website is average, about 76%..
  • Internet-Portal address:As per Sun Chaser Drink Reviewthe official address forits oficial address is: 4833 Santa Monica Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107, P.O 7091.
  • Copy content percent:The web portal has 38 percent copied content copied from another sites.
  • World Alexa Ranking:The Web-portal has a global rank of #1314399.
  • Terms for Refund-Refunds are made based on buyers having the correct payment method.
  • Non-refundable itemsThere is no information about items that aren’t refundable are provided on its website.
  • The Terms and Conditions for CancellationThe order may be cancelled prior to it being delivered.
  • Policies on Exchange The exchange policy is not mentioned in their web-portal. is listed in their website-portal.

Sun Chaser Drink Review:

A variety of customer reviews and ratings are available on their website as well as on their website, mostly with 5 to 4.5 stars. The website is also available on numerous social media sites. The Alexa rank of this website is around 1314399, which is a good average which is a proof of its worthiness. The customer must follow simple and simple ways of refunded from Paypal.

The Conclusion Statement:

The site is a seasoned player in this field because it has a lot of customers. The website has a range of user reviews, which you see in its average Trust Rank. The presence of multiple Social Media accounts shows its reliability and worthiness according to Sun Chaser Drink Review. Additionally, consumers should monitor their accounts. the account with Request a reimbursement on credit card to avoid any stop any fraudulent transactions.

It’s probably an authentic site, and customers can attempt to buy on this website should they want to.

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