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Are you a fan of this special episode in True Blood? Do you have any information concerning Tara Thornton? Are you aware of who is the actor playing the character of Tara? To find out where Tara is currently, you’ll need to check out this post.

The people from across the United States love to watch True Blood and get shocked by the fact that they can’t find their favorite character on the show. Then they began to research for answers on the internet about the reason why True Blood wasn’t protecting her. Another person is looking to find out whether Tara Thornton Missing

Missing Tara Thornton:

The final show in the series True Blood has been watched by all who are watching this article at the moment. In the episode, we learned that Tara was killed at the hands of a vampire when she tried to protect her mother.

She was a key character in the web-series. According to the sources, her role in the series isn’t over. Fans are now also asking whether she will return. If we discover any new information concerning this show and Tara the actress, we’ll not be among the first ones to discuss the news with you.

Tara Thornton Missing Person

Tara was among the most prominent characters. American actress Wesley played the character since the very beginning of the series. In the end, the government officials decided to put an end to the character Tara Thornton permanently. As we know, Tara was the one who was later revealed to be Vampire.

Then, she reverted to normal thanks to the antidote. However, from the beginning of season one the actress will become part of the team that is casting and the director will present her in her true blood in season seven as an episode of flashback. This is the update, which follows the final episode of the season.

Tara Thornton Missing:

A tense fight is taking place all over the city. A vampire has targeted her mother, Tara, and while trying to protect Tara, Tara fights with the vampire. In the end she beats the vampire and saves her mother. Because of the serious injuries, Tara died like a hero.

Then, vampires were defeated which was also the final season premiere in the series True Blood. There are some sources who say that the sixth season was actually the final season we’d see Tara on the move. But, many began to feel sad for Tara Thornton because her role was a major part of True Blood. These are just a few of the items that we could find about Tara Thornton Missing 2002.

What are people looking on the internet for Tara Thornton?

Fans of True blood will be aware that Tara was among the main characters that helped to propel the series. However, when Tara died, everyone was shocked and began to understand the reasons behind her death.


Based on our research on the internet The character Tara will appear in season seven. However, we will be able to watch her flashbacks. We won’t see her in action during this season.

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