Things You Should Check Before Renting A Condo


For some homeowners, the thoughts of maintaining the entire house and the yard conjure up a bit of anxiety. And the cost of a single-family can send shivers down your spine.

Luckily, there are different kinds of properties that you can choose from, and they don’t have to entail too much upkeep. One of those options is a Condominium.

So, what is a Condominium? Should you buy one? If you do, what are the things you should check?

What Are Condominiums?

A Condominium is often termed a Condo. It is a privately owned unit within a community of units. The owner of the condo usually owns only the interior of the condo and the structural component of the external walls.

Condos are generally shared communities where people live together in private units and use public shared property like parks, pools, garages, elevators, and gyms. The list can go on as long as it’s public property and inside a condo.

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Things You Should Check Before Renting A Condo

While condo rental properties are affordable, if a rental inspection report is not used, the landlord will not remember the old damages. This can result in the landlord blaming you for the damage and ending up withholding your security money.

Below we have listed down a few things that you check before moving into a rented condo.

Check For Thermostat And HVAC

The thermostat in a rental property should show a temperature that makes sense. If you enter the house and feel a little cold or warm but the thermostat is showing otherwise, it is important that you ask the landlord about the consideration of the thermostat.

This will help you know whether the thermostat is working or not. And if it is not working, you have already shown the landlord and will not face any problems in the future.

Ensure The Toilets & Faucet Works

When you are on your way to having the condo tour, you will hardly spare a thought of opening the tap or pressing the flush button unless something is visually wrong. 

However, if you are not checking these things, who knows, there might be some problems, and you will only come across them once you have completed your paperwork and have rented the property.

Check For The Pest

You don’t want to move to a new place and find out that the house is infected by pests, bed bugs, and cockroaches. However, it is important that you are vigilant about the signs that signal the house is being infested by pests.

One signal can be sticky traps. When you are on your round of seeing the condo, if you find any traps, make sure to ask the agent why it is there.

Renting A Condo: Should You Buy One?

If you are an individual who wants to live in a place where you have access to all the public facilities and an excellent environment, Condo can be the best choice. With most condo development, you just need to take care of your living unit. All the rest will be taken care of by a professional management company.

However, before you make the final decision to rent a condo, you must not only focus on what’s around the property (roads, schools, colleges, parks, and pools) but also on what’s inside the rental property.

It is no fun that there is something wrong with the new place you moved in, and you have to pester your new lord to fix it.