Time to Travel? Secure Your Home First


You have worked hard to have a home. You have furnished your home with a solid front entry door and a back door, along with a custom bathroom barn door. You have worked hard to keep your house beautiful and safe. You definitely want to keep your home secure from intruders, especially when you are on vacation. 

Securing your home before you leave on vacation is vital to ensure that it is safe. Your house may be untouched when you are gone, but the risk of burglary and other security risks can’t be ignored. Here are some tips on how best to secure your home and maintain a sense of normalcy while away from it. 

Timers control daily schedules at home and can be used to give the appearance that someone is there. Timers with automatic reset are ideal for turning lights on and off to make it seem as if you are awake during daylight hours. It’s even possible to program the timers to turn lights on and off at specific times throughout the day. 

In terms of home security, installing a google floodlight camera requires a significant time commitment because it is made specifically to interact with the Google Home app and provides the finest protection while you are away. This security camera has built-in motion detectors, intelligent floodlights, and smart security alerts to assist you stay informed of significant activity occurring nearby your property. It is solar-powered and features decent video quality, good smart notifications, and superb lighting management. It will give the impression that someone is inside your house and deter thieves from invading your property.

A sound security system should include an alarm on each entrance of your house, along with a door lock reinforced with a secondary lock. The secondary lock can be made up of any locking device. Still, an additional chain lock or deadbolt is generally ideal for providing an extra layer of security for the front door, making it much more difficult for intruders to access. Here are more ideas for the protection of your home.

5 Tips to Secure Your Home Before You Leave On Your Vacation

1. Get an alarm system with motion detection

Suppose you leave anything valuable in plain sight, like jewelry or cash. In that case, installing an alarm system with motion detection is essential so intruders will not have time to go through things at their leisure. They will have to disable the alarm first.

2. Change the locks and make it look like you’re still home

The sooner you can get the locks changed, the better. If possible, select a lock that is not easily picked or broken open by other means, like a deadbolt lock or a door knob lock. If this isn’t possible, keep a spare key in a hiding spot, but make sure you don’t leave anything valuable out where it can be seen. 

3. Keep your windows locked

Keep your windows locked up tight when you’re out and check that they’re shut after you lock them. Your home is more secure if windows are not opened while you are away from the house, so ensure no drafts are blowing through rooms. When leaving the house, however, ensure nothing valuable is visible in open windows. Keep a spare key hidden under a doormat or planter or similar item outside of your home and at least one key hidden inside of it in case anyone needs to get inside while you’re away.

4. Clean your gutters

If there are leaves or debris in your gutters, put them in bags that your houseguests can throw away for you for easy disposal. This way, there will be no need for an extensive clean-up once your houseguests leave. It’s also a good idea to install some durable filters for your gutters to ensure that you do not have to clean them out every time there is heavy rain.

5. Stay connected

Staying connected to your home is key to keeping tabs on it when you’re not there. Have your neighbors keep an eye out and contact you if there are any problems or if something seems suspicious. 

All you need to do is take a few small steps to ensure that your house is secure when you are away from it. A few extra precautions can make all the difference in keeping your home safe and looking as normal as possible while you’re away! 

How to Stop the Front Door From Opening in Case of a Burglary

There’s something about a front door that feels like it belongs on the right side of your house—a sign of openness and welcome. Or maybe it’s just because you always leave it open whenever you’re home. Either way, when the door opens while you’re not home, you can press the panic button on your phone and wait for the police to visit. 

If your door is permanently unlocked and regularly opens by itself, what will you do? You won’t be able to press the alarm button or call the police when the door opens on its own, which means you will have no way to tell that your house is under attack.

One more thing. Make sure you do not leave newspapers piling up in front of your home. That is a sure sign no one is home. Also, have your mail collected or have it held at the post office. Inform a trusted neighbor or family member to keep an eye on your home while you are away. Use the ideas shown above to keep your home safe and secure so you can enjoy your vacation. Happy travels!