Valesca Siblings Discover Their Names And Complete Life Details !


The public is interested in finding out more about Valesca Sisters, Eduardo if he is still alive. We’ve talked about everything in this blog post.

Have you heard about the amazing tale that is Valseca’s family? Valseca family? Have you seen the sneak video of the true story which will be released this week?

Eduardo was abducted in 2007 and the abductor demanded a huge sum in exchange for that his family was not able to pay. Then the family relocated into America. United States. Let’s talk about the Valesca Siblings ,where they are today and what they have experienced.

Who are they all within the Valesca family?

The Valseca family is happy at home. One incident, however, has changed their lives according to the episode called The Ranch. Yesterday The Valscea children told their terrifying tale of being kidnapped during NBC Dateline.

It was the month of June 2007 in which Valseca dropped his children off at school. He wanted to go back home the same way as always. However, he couldn’t be able to do so as he was abducted at the time of his return which left his wife, and his three children in the car. At the date, Nayah, the youngest cousin of Eduardo Valseca was only 6 years old. Fernando who was the oldest of the siblings, was just 12 and Emiliano was seven.

Presently, Fernando lives in Colorado and works for a photo company. Nayah is a frequent traveler and loves visiting various locations.

What is Eduardo currently?

Eduardo was able to live in the midst of the torture by the kidnappers, who demanded $8 million. However, his family was not able to make such a huge payment. His wife was able to negotiate a settlement of just $1,500. Following the incident the family moved to Maryland. Eduardo is in good health and caring for his children.

What’s the matter with Jayne Rager Valseca Eduardo’s wife?

Jayne was determined and tenacious as she faced the kidnapping of her husband. On the other hand, inside she was struggling with something much more serious.

The patient was suffering cancer stage 4 and had a desire to end her journey however, with family assistance, she fought through another four years. In May 2012, however she decided to leave her family members behind for ever. She was only 45.

She established the Waldorf School and was the person who was credited with the creation of Stella(1990), Dateline NBC (1992) and You have your man (2001). Additionally, following the kidnapping she also fought for the victims of similar events in Mexico.

Valesca The siblings told her that her mother was extremely fond of them. They brought her an audio-playing Teddy bear to them that was able to play and record messages to them. They also shared their mother, Jayne had tried every possible treatment for cancer but was unable to save her life.


In The Ranch Episode Dateline, NBC recalls a 15-year-old event that belonged to the Valesca family. Children share their memories of the incident, as well as where they arenow, and the way they lived their lives at the period of time. You can view the full details on this page.

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