Tips To Survive Your Juice Cleanse


When you decide to do a cleansing, you know the benefits will be numerous. However, the detox process can sometimes present some challenges to your physical and mental health. If you want to make sure your upcoming cleansing will go as smoothly as possible, here are some survival tips to keep in mind should times get tough.

Coordinate It With Your Calendar

Before you start your juice cleansing, always make sure it is coordinated with your social calendar. If you don’t, you may find yourself in the middle of a cleansing, only to discover that you’ve got an important social engagement coming up the next day, such as attending a wedding or a holiday party. While you are in the middle of your cleansing, the last thing you want to do is find yourself at a social function where everyone else is having fun eating lots of delicious foods.

Focus on Moderate Exercise

When you are cleansing, you don’t want to place additional stress on your body. Therefore, if you are a person who is used to heavy-duty workouts, focus instead on moderate exercise while cleansing your body of toxins. For example, instead of heading out your door for a run of several miles, choose to spend about 30 minutes taking a brisk walk, riding your bike, or engaging in yoga or swimming. Moderate exercise will still burn some calories, but not so many that you will be left feeling fatigued, famished, and as if you are about to faint. In fact, it should actually improve your mood, increase your energy level, and keep your digestion on track.

Take a Sauna or Steam Bath

If you are doing a juice cleanse as part of a weight loss program, one great thing you should do along the way is to visit a sauna or steam bath. Remember that when you sweat, toxins get released from your body at a much quicker rate. When you use a sauna or steam bath, your skin will begin to expel toxins from your body. As it does, the sauna or steam bath will also help to relax your muscles and increase your circulation, both of which will help you feel better.

Get Plenty of Sleep

When you are cleansing your body of various toxins, it is an excellent time to get plenty of sleep. This will help keep your mind and body relaxed, give you some time to think about various things as you’re stretched out in bed and keep your energy level just right. As you cleanse, remember that this is a time to focus on taking care of your physical and mental health, so take advantage of the moment to get well-rested in every possible way.

Use Herbal Teas

If you are like others who utilize juice cleansing now and then, you may find that drinking an occasional cup of warm herbal tea can help you feel better during your cleansing. Loaded with antioxidants, herbal teas are great supplements for juice cleansing. Along with helping to warm you up a bit if drinking juice all during the day has left you feeling cold, herbal teas are very soothing, which will help keep you focused and feeling positive.

Treat Yourself to a Massage

During your cleansing, you may occasionally feel as if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms. This is common with many people since toxins are being released into your bloodstream during the cleansing. Treating yourself to a massage can help offset these effects since a massage will move lymph fluid throughout your body, helping to increase circulation and speed up the elimination of toxins.

Ease Out of the Cleansing

Once your cleansing is completed, don’t make the mistake of eating big meals immediately. Instead, ease yourself out of the cleansing gradually. Since your digestive system has essentially been shut down for a few days, putting lots of food in your stomach immediately may make you feel bloated, sluggish, and nauseous. To avoid this, eat small amounts of food at first.

While your juice cleansing won’t be easy, these survival tips will make the process much easier. Before you know it, the cleansing will be completed, and you will feel better than ever.