Tshirts Heaven 2022 Reviews Is This Site Legitimate?


If you’re looking to buy Tshirts Heaven, Tshirts Heaven then you must read Tshirts Heaven Reviews. Tshirts Heaven reviews that will provide you with the correct information regarding the site.

Do you wish to buy T-shirts? There are a lot of websites that are launched each day. However, you cannot have complete trust in them without conducting a proper audit. Therefore, we’re here to help you do this for you. We’ve done our study and will talk about the T-shirt Heaven website. Heaven which sells T-shirts. The website also has attracted attention from people throughout America. United America.

We are going to go through this website If you’re interested, look over our T-shirts Heaven Review blog.

Briefing T-shirts heaven

Tshirts Heaven is an online store selling only T-shirts. The website was created to sell T-shirts. They have short sleeves as well as long sleeves T-shirts. You will also get only men’s tshirts. The shirts are generally simple and come in various shades. However there aren’t any discounts offered. The identity of the owner of the website is concealed and the site has no Social Media presence.

In the next phase, we’ll be familiar with the specifications of the website Let’s see the truth about whether Tshirts Heaven legit or not.

Specifications of the Tshirts Heaven Site

  • Company Address-United States, 10472 Bronx New York, 2002 Blackrock Avenue.
  • Website Creation Date This is in effect since 2022/05/19, a mere 1 month ago.
  • Newsletter Newsletter There is no newsletter option available.
  • Email ID- email at info@tshirtsheaven.com
  • Payment Types Accepted types of payment include PayPal, PayPal Credit, Google Pay, etc.
  • Shipping Policy –Shipping takes 3 to 5 days.
  • Contact Number- +1 (516) 218-0231
  • Products Available Products Offered T-shirts are on sale.
  • Return Policy – Products are able to be returned within the 30 day time frame.
  • Refund Policy – Refunds are expected to take at least 10 days, and a maximum of 45 days for processing.
  • Domain Link- check the link https://www.tshirtsheaven.com/ via Tshirts Heaven Reviews.
  • Exchange PolicyExchange is now available.

The next step is to look at the website’s positive and negative aspects. Don’t overlook to read this section.

Positive Points of Tshirts Heaven

  • This site has been protected through the HTTPS protocol as well as SSL integration.
  • The website uses the same Url and Portal names.

Negative Points of Tshirts Heaven

  • Discounts aren’t offered so it isn’t attractive to customers.
  • Contact details seem dubious.
  • There are no social media links readily available.
  • The newsletter isn’t accessible which is not a good thing for the customers.
  • There is no owner information available.
  • Reviews do not exist.
  • The website is only six months old.

Is Tshirts Heaven Legit? Or Fake

Check out the eligibility requirements of the site, from which you can determine if this website is legitimate or not to be referred to as a legitimate website.

  • Trust Ranking Trust Ranking This trust ranking isn’t accessible.
  • DiscountsDiscounts Discounts are not offered.
  • Policies Every policy is stated in detail.
  • Owner Identity Owner information isn’t available.
  • Trust scoreThe site’s trust score is just 2% which isn’t enough to be considered.
  • Content Quality Information about us the content has been copied 100% and pasted from other sites.
  • Domain Creation Date: This domain was launched on 2022/05/19. The domain was not completed in six months later, which is a disadvantage of the website.
  • Expiry Date: Find out via reviews on Tshirts Heaven the website will expire on 2023/05/19.
  • Social Media Accounts Social accounts are not exist.
  • Address Authentication – The address that is available on their site is not the original one.
  • Customer Feedback Customer Feedback isn’t available.

Customer Feedback

Based on our research, we couldn’t receive any reviews from customers or articles-based reviews on this site. There aren’t any reviews available on this site. This could be due to the fact that the website is still relatively new. However, there is not a mention about this site anywhere. The user doesn’t know any information about the website. As there is no social media profile however, customer reviews are accessible. If you’d like to get to get a refund through PayPal then check out Tshirts Heaven Reviews.


In the last discussion, we discovered that Tshirts Heaven has a range of t-shirts available. The website is new that doesn’t have social media profiles and the trust rating is very low. It also has fake contact information and there are no customer reviews available. We are able to conclude that the site is suspect. If you’re trying to receive an reimbursement via your credit cards , make sure to check this.

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