Alvaro Morata – Know How He Met Alice


All the football lovers who are out there, we’ve got something to share with you! In recent times, everyone is obsessed about the union of superstar soccer player Alvaro Morata and the Italian model Alice Campello. The reason for their first encounter is straight from the pages of a fairytale!

However, first, let’s find out something about them in case you don’t already know them!

who Is Alvaro Morata?

Alvaro Morata

Morata was a player for Getafe however he quit the club in 2008 and joined the Real Madrid’s team infrastructure. In 2010, he was in Real Madrid’s A Team. Then he was able to join Juventus F.C. and signed an agreement for five years with the club in 2014, the transfer in exchange for the amount of which Juventus made a payment of 20million euros. In his time at Juventus he was awarded both Serie A and the Coppa Italia both times during their seasons at Turin.

Real Madrid brought him back with a fee of 30 million euros. they helped him to win The UEFA Champions League as in addition to the La Liga in 2016-17 after which the club joined Chelsea at 60 million dollars. In the year 2019, he moved to Atletico Madrid and permanently joined the team in 2020. But, in the following year He came back to Juventus.

As of the moment, Morata has 34 caps for youth teams and was instrumental in aiding Spain take home the UEFA European Under-21 Championship in 2013. Morata also was a part of Spain in Euro 2016 and Euro 2020.

Alice Campello – Who Is She?

Alice Campello

She is an actress and fashion designer born in Italy. She is the daughter of Andrea Campello and Maria Libralesso her family, she was born in Mestre. Campello has enjoyed tremendous success in the world of fashion, and is constantly seen in the spotlight and has more than 2 million people following her on Instagram.

At five feet and 8 inches, Campello has been modelling for brands such as CHANEL Emilio Pucci, Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Missoni, House of CB, Nicla, Gucci, NETIQUETTE, H&M, and Patek Philippe. Additionally, she is an ambassador for brands such as Unisa Eropa, Alauni, Balenciaga, Nohow, Ray-Ban, HelloBody Italia, Alexander McQueen, Levi’s, Adidas Originals, Virgin Active Italia, Polo Ralph Lauren, Hide&Jack along with Alfieri & St. John. An impressive career, to be sure!

How did Alvaro Morata and Alice Campello Meet?

Here’s the juicy tale. Campello recently revealed how she got to know her Juventus striker. The Italian designer revealed that the footballer was extremely enthralled by her, and she got messages from him in the middle of the night following his first victory in Turin!Alvaro Morata and Alice Campello

Campello admits she ignored his messages , not knowing who was he. in an interview to Weekly she said she was approached by him after seeing a photo of her. Because the striker and the model didn’t have anyone who was similar to them or shared friends, the footballer took to Instagram.

The model revealed that she later addressed him and the two sat down. She went in expecting anything, but she says that Morata was extremely serious right from the start. Two weeks after their first date, Morata drove eight hours in order to meet with Campbell’s family. He returned to Turin at night, despite training the following day. Talk about commitment! It’s not the only thing, you guys!

The model went on to say that he could have made a hundred other romantic gestures while they were together. The Morata’s closest friends and family members had ever seen the footballer in this condition prior to. Morata repeatedly enthused to Campello about getting married and, true to his word, offered to marry her just eight months after beginning their dating!

Campello declared that it’s similar to this when you truly become in love You change your priorities and you need to create something together with the person you love’. And for her , it was exactly the same. The couple wed in June of 2020 in Venice which was with a glittering crowd including Simone Zaza and Isco! It certainly is being amongst the best five most grand romantic gestures!

The couple has twins, Leonardo and Alessandro and in November of 2020, they was the birth of their fourth child Edoardo. Morata has since moved between various clubs. Alice has been with him, following his journey to London for his uninspired stint with Chelsea before returning to Madrid before moving to Madrid, and finally Atletico before finally coming full circle and back to Juventus.

This is the story that lies behind their fairytale Romance Let’s hope they can live happily for the rest of their lives!