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In this blog about Urbnsurf incident the readers will be informed about the accident that occurred at Urbnsurf and also get health status updates.

What transpired in Urbnsurf? Why is it now the talk of town? Urbnsurf is a place for tourists that is located within Australia. Visitors go to Urbnsurf in order to ride the the waves produced by them. Recently an accident was reported in Urbnsurf and stunned the world.

Check out this article on Urbnsurf accident to get the full story regarding the accident and what actually happened at the Urbnsurf.

What is the reason Urbnsurf is being talked about?

Urbnsurf is a surf company that is a popular tourist destination located in Melbourne, Australia recently started being talked about all over the web due to the accident of a man aged 40. The incident occurred early on a Friday morning about 11:30 a.m. The surf that was considered to be one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations in Australia is now subject to investigation by police because of the incident.

In response to this issue the company has responded by saying they will ensure that “the safety and protection of their customers is their priority”

Urbnsurf Melbourne Incident

The incident occurred with a man who was 40 years old surf in Urbnsurf. The crowd was in panic after they noticed a man who was slipping in the pool. Medical personnel were alerted, and the man was removed from the pool with a coma. Prior to being taken to the Royal Melbourne hospital, the 40-year-old man was initially treated for a head injury because it was believed that he may have struck the wall and fainted while falling. But, as per Urbnsurf footage, it appears that the surfer did indeed not collide with the wall, but he did collapse when paddling. But, evidence to support the claim is in the works. The Urbnsurf incident occurred as a holiday snare in the lives of the people who were affected by the victims of this tragedy.

Is Urbnsurf open now?

Since the story began to spread across the web, a lot of users wanted to know if the surf was still open? If it’s closed, will it be open when it is scheduled to be open? This could cause you to be concerned however, as per the official announcement by the company Urbnsurf Urbnsurf “will be closed until further notice as the police investigation is going on we can not say much about this,” they later stated.

Urbnsurf Accident

The raging accident that occurred on the 10th of June , Friday in Australia it has made everyone across the globe very sad. The positive side is that Urbnsurf promises to offer a free assessment and treatment for the person injured. It is however stated that the condition of the patient is critical. If an update is announced in the near future we’ll notify you and keep an eye on us.


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